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Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Updated on June 14, 2016

A Few Questions

Are you tired of working 9-5?

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck?

Do you dream of owning an online business?

Affiliate Marketing may be exactly what you are looking for!

AM Flow Chart

Beginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other company’s products online. The first step to a successful Affiliate marketing campaign is choosing your niche. A niche is defined as: "A job or activity that is very suitable for someone." In lames terms it means something that you have a particular interest in. You may not know right off the bat what your niche will be but do not fret! Ask yourself this question: "What am I interested in?" this will help you choose something that you are passionate about. Choosing a niche you have passion for will always fare better than simply searching for profitable niches. For example: In the beginning I choose the "Home Security" niche. I created a website, joined a few affiliate programs, ran ads, and STRUGGLED. The reason for my lack of success with that particular niche was because I had very little interest in the "Home Security" market. Therefore, the best way to approach affiliate marketing is to find something you love. Not only will you enjoy creating your business but you will find that putting in the effort is more rewarding.

Creating a Website

At this point you should have chosen a niche you love, your next step will be to build upon that niche. First thing's first: Create a Website. There are a few different methods for completing this task. I personally joined a well-known affiliate mentor ship program called: "WealthyAffiliates." The reason I chose this site was because of the massive amount of reviews it had. I read through almost 100 different reviews, visited 4-5 review pages, frequented blogs, and I decided it was right for me. The site helped to guide me in the right direction while building my confidence at the same time. WA provided me with two free websites that were hosted by WordPress. The site builder tool was effortless and the whole process took me a whole hour to complete. I had a fully functional page with SEO included in less than a day. This was something that I highly valued as a newcomer to the Affiliate Marketing world. However, there are plenty of ways to create a website. Most of them will require you to pay but there are some that will host a free site. the downfall to a free site is having to use a sub domain such as: "" When using a sub domain, you will be limited to as far as what programs or sites you can employ to drive traffic to your page.

Affiliate Programs

Once you have created a site you should next choose a few affiliate programs. Simply search "Your Niche Here + Affiliate Programs." This search can also be formatted as "Affiliate Program + Your Niche Here." Either way you will be introduced to a variety of different programs with a host of different incentives and payouts. Once you have joined and been approved for a handful of programs you can employ the referral links they give you in your page's code. The most common locations for HTML coding is the sidebars and sub footers. if you are not familiar with web page terminology that means the unused space to the left, right, and bottom of your page. You can also place HTML code into your header but I do not recommend it as it will look unprofessional. Do not overdue it when it comes to ad placement, less is more! Also, make sure to explore all the different types of banners available to you. Step back and ask yourself: "Which ad would garner my attention the most?" Choose the ad that will ad value to your site but not decrease its credibility. Try to stay away from poorly worded and/or shoddy banners. Typically, the affiliate programs will place their most used/most liked ads at the top of the page. The farther your scroll down the less likely you are to find a decent banner. Now please understand that this may not be the case for all Affiliate programs so do not shy away from exploring all available ads. Once you have placed a decent amount of ads check your site from a viewer's standpoint. Once again you must ask yourself a critical question: "Would I trust this site and the ads placed on it?" If the answer is yes, mission accomplished Agent Hunt! If the answer is no, it is time to go back to the drawing board. Do not get discouraged if you fall into the no category as it will take a few tries to fully comprehend web design practices.

Getting Noticed

Now that you are fairly comfortable with your site and can fully trust the content you promote, your next step will be to drive traffic to your page. There are many ways to go about bringing in more viewers. If you chose the WealthyAffiliates route than your website comes included with an All-In-One SEO pack. This Plugin will optimize your site and will automatically send it to "Google" and "Bing" for indexing. Now, if you chose to go solo then you will need to employ your own SEO. If you are not familiar with SEO it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the practice of using keywords and other meta data to further promote your site on popular search engines. Another way is the employ "Google Adwords", a program designed to place ads for your page. This is a paid service that is defined as Pay Per Click (PPC.) This means that you only pay when users click the link associated with the ad. You can set your overall budget as well as your maximum Cost Per Click (CPC.) Your ads will be defined as "Campaigns" and you can monitor them 24/7. They also give you the ability to automate them. For example: should you exceed your daily budget the ad will pause.This is one of many ways you can employ SEO techniques to drive traffic (I will cover this topic in more depth on a separate post.)

Finishing Touches

Once you have employed SEO you should setup "Google Analytics" to monitor your sites traffic. Using this tool you can see your visitors per hour, day, month or year. It is helpful in determining the effectiveness of your SEO techniques. The great part about Affiliate Marketing is once you have completed the above steps all you need to do is sit back and watch the money flow in. However, do not neglect your site's content and the necessity to post daily/weekly as it reflects upon your sites credibility. Content also helps to drive in recurring visitors as well as new ones. Never forget that your site and your cash flow depend heavily on your site's content. If your page is boring and uninformative you will find the money making process to be quite difficult. Lastly, attention to detail is a must in this field! the more attention you give your site the better it will perform. In this business page performance is everything! Now get out there and make some money!

Affiliate Programs

Different Affiliate Programs
Different Affiliate Programs


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