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Becoming A Professional Actor

Updated on December 5, 2006
Acting, like any other buisness, is a very competitive market. To become a successful actor, you must first gain experience. Experience is gained by studying various forms of acting, in both screen and theatre acting. It is also gained by attending auditions for potential jobs. Auditions usually require a monologue and/or a cold reading of the script. Auditions are a great way to gain experience, because they allow you to see how the industry functions and helps you to be better prepared for future auditions. Once you have built up a decent resume, getting acting jobs will become easier, because it shows you have experience in the buisness. Another essential part of the screen acting buisness is headshots. These are usually required for proffesional work, and you may be turned down immediately if you do not have them. Finally, most professional actors are represented by agents. These agents help you to find auditions for parts that you would be good for. This can be extremely helpful in competitive cities like Los Angeles or New York. The road to becoming a professional actor is a difficult one and it is filled with many rejections. But by sticking the course, you will find success.


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    • profile image

      Angelina 7 years ago

      I believe that being a professional actor is impossible if you are not born with that talent.

    • profile image

      Tyler Barnhill 7 years ago

      I would love to become and actres it's my life .

    • profile image

      Method Actor 10 years ago

      Tip: check out for information on open casting calls and acting jobs....and "break a leg"!