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Becoming godly Rich

Updated on December 4, 2006

There are many ways in this world to get rich, however, very few people are successful at accomplishing it. While there is no proven method, there are quite a few ways to make it big:

1. The Lottery- The chances of winning the jackpot are actually less probable than the chances of getting struck by lightning, but it is the cheapest way to become rich.

2. Pyramid Schemes- These are the programs you see on television late at night that are supposedly proven to work. While the majority of these programs probably do not work, or only work for a few people, there are some that can help you get rich to a fair extent.

3. Inheritance- While a morbid way to think about getting rich, it is rather effective if you have a relative that is wealthy (and also assuming that you share a special bond with that person that your siblings or cousins do not have).

4. Making A Successful Buisness- Also known as the "Bill Gates Way". Many people are successful at making their own buisness, but you'd probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than matching Bill Gate's success.

5. Hub Pages Monthly Contests- You won't get godly rich by writing hubs for these contests, but you may be able to walk away with a couple hundred dollars by the end of the month. ;)


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      DR. ARTFREDO ABELLA 10 years ago

      There is still another way to become godly rich that is marry a rich woman.