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Body Paint Beer Girls make more Money than College Grads..

Updated on July 22, 2011

Body Painted Miller Lite Girls

Miller lite beer girls make more money than most recent college grads?

I had girls on my promotional modeling team that make up to $4000 per month and having the time of their lives.

Promotional Models that promote beer are making a minimum of $30 per hour. That's not bad for part time work. There are some girls that make a career out of promoting exciting beverages.

If you really want to make some money, you need to get your body painted with a Miller lite logo on your chest. Body Painted Miller Lite Girls make up to $300 per hour.

Body Painted Miller lite Girls not only make that much money but they also get more attention than average promotional models.

Miller lite sponsored the Dinah Shores event in Palm Springs, Ca and we had two beautiful Miller lite body painted models with us. Not only did we have the two body painted models but we had over 40 Miller Lite Girls.

When the two Body Painted Miller Lite Girls showed up, it was like the party stopped. Girls from everywhere were surrounding the promo girls. I forgot to mention that the event was a lesbian event. There were about 20,000 girls at the weekend event.

Red Bull Body Paint Girls Getting Paid To Party

The Miller lite girls bodies were painted with the miller lite logo on their breast and the rest of their bodies were painted brown to represent the color of a miller lite bottle.

The Miller Lite body painted Girls made over $1000 for that event.

The money spent on the models was worth every penny because they brought so much entertainment to the pool party and they elevated the brand in the eyes or our consumers.

Every girl at the party wanted to be a part of the miller lite brand.

I had so many girls approaching me asking I they could get their bodies painted for our next events. Only if they knew how much the girls got paid.

I bet you could only imagine having a major beer pay you to get body painted. Could you imagine being able to show your kids how exciting of a time you had and also show off your sexy body.

Most girls will never get to experience what these girls got to experience and that was being able to capture the attention of thousands of girls. The power that they had felt must have been amazing.

If you think you have what it takes to become a body painted model, then...

Click Here and Find Out How To Become a Beer Girl

Miller Lite Body Painted Models



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      GRAYCEY 6 years ago

      hi i wuld love to become a body paint model how do i go as to applying..?