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Before your start looking for internet jobs

Updated on August 7, 2014

Career in the internet industry

The internet is an emerging job sector, and has created jobs for many over the years. Being one of the most dynamic job sector where new changes and updates are brought in regularly and demands individuals who are passionate about the latest developments in technology and the internet. A career in this domain is highly rewarding and is for the ambitious; and there are many success stories which we are familiar with and the can be credited to the internet. Internet jobs are not only for those with technical background or experience. However, internet has given birth to myriad of jobs, professionals from domains like marketing, sales, public relations, and other functions too are involved in operations of an internet based organization. Some of the new roles emerged are that of a social media marketer, seo executive, web analyst and so on. The emergence of these roles can only be credited to the internet; as many of these roles are directly involved with marketing a product on the internet or making a website appear on the top of search engine results page. The crux of this article is to help you break into this job sector, as the future prospects in this industry are bright and the job creation in the coming years would be monstrous. So in order, to make use of the opportunities in the coming years, it would the best that you wet your feet in this industry and take advantage of the enormous amount of internet jobs in the coming future.


Career path for a stable career in Internet industry

Internet industry, is not confined only for those with technical background. Many of the start-ups and companies look for individuals who are forward looking and are constant learners; who keep up with the advancements in technology as well as the updates brought in. Internet jobs, anyway demand professional who can remain at the curve of learning all throughout their careers and incorporate them in their daily tasks. So here are some career paths which you can traverse for a steady career in the internet domain.

Web security Analyst:

A web security analyst is responsible for protecting a website from cyber threats like, denial of service attacks, viruses, Malware and Phising. A web analyst establish information security policies and protocols, to safe gaurd a web site from the possible threats. As a web security analyst you will be employable not only in the internet industry, but also with business which deal with critical information like banks and financial institutions, public organizations and government agencies. A typical day for you as a web security analyst will require performing tasks such as; risk assessments, verifying security measures for data systems, creating a firewall and regulating access to the information.


Web master:

A web master or a web administrator is a specialist whose primary responsibility is to manage and maintain websites. For being a web master you would need a graduate degree with skills associated to work as a web master. A web master is majorly involved in designing a website, making the functionality of the website; quick and responsive, analysis of traffic and activity patterns of the user and responding to user requests. As a web master you would need to constantly upgrade your knowledge-base and incorporate the updates or the changes in the world of internet.

Web designer:

A web designer is involved with creating websites applying his or her technical skills and acumen. As a web developer you would be involved in creating web sites using programming languages and software. A bachelor's degree along with the skills required to perform a day's job is a minimum requirement. Here, to a web developer would need to refresh his skill set and align them with the changes in technology. A day's job of a web developer includes; identifying the user base of a website, using software and coding to provide functionality to a web site by integrating it to various databases and information systems as well as designing web sites and finding bugs, if the need be.


Internet marketer:

An internet marketing professional is responsible for advertising products, services and events on the internet. The skills essential for this job role requires advanced verbal and written communication skills, problem solving ability, interpreting and analysis skills. As a internet marketer you would also need proficient skills in web development, graphic designing, video editing, SEO, Pay per click, RSS feeds, blogging and social networking. The daily tasks that you would undertake in this job role would include advertising a product or a service by employing various modes like e-mail marketing, banner ads, and blogging. The future job prospects for this job role are positive as more and more companies, who had been operating in the offline markets now aim at marketing their products over the internet to reach out to a wider base of audiences.

Cities with the maximum number of internet jobs

Internet companies are spread all across India. New start-ups are being launched everyday which has given rise to the number of internet jobs. However, the maximum number of internet jobs are concentrated in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

Bangalore being home to the IT industry, the infrastructure of this city has been serving as the suitable ecosystem for establishing internet based businesses. Easy availability of skilled workforce, with advanced know-how and experience in this domain is the primary factor for the creation and availability of the maximum number of internet jobs in the city of Bangalore.

Annual compensation for internet jobs

Internet jobs with start-ups are the most lucrative jobs for those with experience in a particular function. As many start-ups offer employee stock options along with annual compensation for those who have 4-5 years of experience in the industry. Lets take a detailed look at the salary compensation for the job roles mentioned in the career path section of this article.

An Entry-Level Web Security Analyst, has an earning potential of Rs 364,739 which further rises upto Rs 656,080 per year as you further hone your skills in security risk management, IT security & infrastructure, and security testing and auditing.

A Web master has an earning capacity of Rs 96,114 as an entrant in this job role which futher grows up to Rs 523,641 after earning 2-4 years of experience in this function.
An entry-level Web Designer earns an average salary of Rs 176,907 per year which further goes up to Rs 383,933 with addition of skills in e-commerce, flash animation, web design and jQuery. And once you evolve as a seasoned professional your annual compensation might reach up to Rs 539,232 per year.

As for an entry-level internet marketer with a degree in management can aim at annual packages beginning from Rs 440,339 per year, which is further revised at various stages, depending upon the employer you are employed with. After spending 2-3 years in this role you earning potential goes up to Rs 592,335 with additional skills in SEM ( Search Enginer Marketing).

The annual compensation in internet jobs is essentially determined by the skills set that you posses and the experience with those skills. Keeping yourself updated with the latest technologies and updates in the tools used for the internet, is of extreme importance, as companies look forward to implement the latest technologies on their websites for enhanced performance and user experience. In order to grow constantly in this domain, you would need to be at the middle of the curve of learning, all throughout your career.

Skills in-demand for internet jobs with startups



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