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How to Make Money Online as a Writer: A Beginner's Guide

Updated on April 6, 2017

Make Money Online Writing

Where To Get Started Writing For Money online
Where To Get Started Writing For Money online | Source

Develop Writing Skills Easily and Faster

How to Get Started with Making Money Online as a Writer

Firstly; no one was born an author; secondly; anyone can become a writer since writing is not a rocket science --- it's about passion; it's an art that you learn through practice.

The population of unemployed persons is ever growing; as such, making money online is a dream everyone has; especially the individuals who are jobless.

However; due to the competitive nature of writing for the internet, before pursuing a career as a writer, you need to develop writing skills and practices to be able to make money writing online.

Generally, many people join internet marketing with less or no experience; and immediately think of making fast and easy money online.

However, making money online anywhere is not easy without a distinguishable talent and acquired skills; to sell online to the internet users who need online services at a fee.

The talent may be in different forms; including various writing skills, graphic designing, computer programming, language translations, consultation, data analysis, and so on.

Ideally; the top secret of making money online, whether as a writer or something else, is to specialize in one tiny niche; and later on expand on that same niche as your online audience grows.

As a writer; it is important to know that the internet is a plethora of information, and if you can't narrow down and provide quality and sufficient information in a given small area; internet users will not recognize your authority over the topic.

To get started writing for money; the only easy option is to join a freelance website offering these services to those who need them and earn a commission for every successful service you offer.

There are thousands of freelance websites on the internet offering lucrative income for freelancers and affiliates. However, finding a legit affiliate or freelance website to work for is always hectic for newbies who want to pursue making money online.

Many websites will offer big deals and promises that they will never fulfill. Some of them will not even pay you for the work successfully done.

On the other hand, many freelance websites will require upfront payment before registering; some will need your Visa card details up front; some will need several written samples, and never contact you back after submitting them.

These are all internet scams, and if you encounter any freelance or affiliate website with these descriptions; stay away and do something else worth of your time.

Getting Started with Legitimate Websites as a Writer

To get started as a writer and make money online; you need to start somewhere. There are international legitimate academic writing websites that one can work for from any part of the world.

However, getting a writing chance with these websites is always very difficult -- their requirements to qualify as an academic writer is always very high and competitive.

Some of these academic websites accepting writers globally with higher education qualifications are:

No Degree? No Diploma? No problem!

If you don't qualify for the above academic writing sites; there are still a number of websites which pay writers upfront for writing website content for site owners who need articles to post.

Their requirements are not very high as compared to academic writing websites, and making money is very easy if you are a talented writer with a good command of the English language; and vast writing skills such as web content (SEO), articles, press releases, creative, product review, resume, and general writing skills in different professions including; technology, health, insurance, business, relationship, home and family, etc etc.

Before listing the legit content writing websites that pay; if you are the get rich overnight sample; you are going to be so discouraged from making money online since it needs patience as a starter.

Most of your first articles have to be approved for your rating to increase and get more money per article you write.

These sites have different business models; and in some, you get your first payout in your account when your first article is approved...and another and another. While others; you write for search engines (SEO purposes) and share revenues with the company you write for when a given action is taken.

These are the content writing websites I recommend for beginners: Read and understand how you can generate income from each:-

1. Hubpages

Topping my list is Hubpages. It offers a platform where writers from different communities write about their ideas and what they know: You only need to provide your name and email address during sign-up and you are all set to go.

However; you have to produce quality and unique contents for them to be approved and featured online: When your content is of a high quality and gets approved by Hubpages within 24 hours of review; it will be featured and published on Hubpages.

On the plus side; you can sign up for ad programs offered at Hubpages like Google Adsense, eBay and Amazon affiliate programs; and when these ads are clicked or a purchase executed by your visitors; you share the revenues with Hubpages for every single click made on your ads-- or earn Amazon and eBay affiliate commission for every purchase made through your account.

But hold on; not that fast, you need to write more over than a few quality articles (hubs); which are unique for you to be accepted in this revenue sharing programs.

You can watch this video; and see how you can get started writing for Hubpages, and make a decent income with their ad programs: Meanwhile; you can Join HubPages for FREE Today! And start making an impressive income as soon as possible.

2. iWriter

Quality and original content are the keys to succeeding as a writer with iWriter: They run completed contents through Copyscape to make sure that your content is unique and free of plagiarism.

The iWriter business model makes it very easy for beginners to make money online; as you get your first payment when your first article is approved.

Payment ranges from $ 1 to $ 24 or more per article depending on your writing level and the number of words to be written in an article. The minimum payout amount is $20; they payout through PayPal on a weekly, fortnight and monthly basis.

The registration process is easy, free and fair: No academic certificates needed. You just need to pass a simple grammar test, provide your email address, full names and a few personal details including a short bio and you are good to go.

As your rating and writing level increases, the amount you earn per article increases as well; from standard writer who earns $2.43 per 500 words; to premium writer who earns $4.46 per 500 words; to Elite writer who earns $8.10 per 500 words; and finally to Elite Plus writer who earns $24.30 per 500 words.

3. Allwriting

Allwriting is one of the best websites to write for; they offer writing opportunities for skilled and experienced writers from all around the world.

Their registration process is a bit detailed to make sure they select only skilled writers in different professions and fields.

When your first assignment is approved; that marks the beginning of your payment. They pay through PayPal and bank transfer on a weekly and monthly basis.

Alternative Methods of Making Money Online

Ideally; there are so many avenues of making money online apart from article writing: However, every method you may choose to work with may still need writing skills. Also, every method may have its own pros and cons.

1. Online Transcription Jobs

Transcription is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. Transcription is the process of listening to an audio, either recorded or live and typing what is heard from the speech on a text editor to produced written version of the audio.

The audio to be transcribed may be an interview, a lecture, a sermon, conversation, podcast, TV or radio program and more. A number of online transcription companies offer transcription jobs for experienced and new transcribers who have the needed transcription skills.

2. Selling Your Own Product or Service Online

The best way to make an enough income online is probably to sell your own product or service online: If you have a product or service to sell online; starting an online business is not difficult.

However; selling your own product online is too demanding and needs sufficient experience and skills in various internet marketing techniques; including web-designing and development, basic search engine optimization, advanced SEO, social media marketing, content creation and marketing strategies and so on.

On the other hand; identifying a promising niche is very important as well in this method of making money online; you need to employ effective niche selection methods so that you are guaranteed of success in making money with the selected internet marketing niche.

Ideally; you need to have a working website and blog to be able to sell your product online and make some money. The cost of running a business website may be high for a beginner; however, when the business break-evens, the benefits are always enormous.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling products or services from another company through your website or blog.

This method of making money online is the most preferred method for beginners; as they don't need to have their own products and services to be able to make money online.

All that you need to make money through affiliate marketing is a working website or blog; with lots of traffic from search engines and other sources such as social media platforms.

On the other hand, you need to develop effective affiliate marketing techniques that will guarantee success in making a good return on the investment you put in.

There are a number of legitimate affiliate programs on the internet that one can join; however, before being accepted in these affiliate programs, there are a number of requirements that you need to satisfy; such as a given number of web-traffic over a given period, and relevant content niche.

4. Make Money Blogging

Do you have sufficient blogging skills? Do you own a blog with a Google page rank of 1 or higher? If this is you; you can make $5 - $1000 per post that you make on your blog.

You can earn thousands of dollars by writing website, product or service reviews for people, and publish them on your blog; every post you make is generating an impressive income for you.

To increase your readership and earnings; the content of your blog must match with blog posts that you publish for advertisers.

All that you need to make money through this method is a working blog; you can even decide to launch a blog specifically for this purpose; since the returns are always high.

If you think you qualify to make money this way; watch this video and get started making money blogging today. However, Postsgenius are selective on how they accept bloggers and this link may not work for you depending on your country of origin or from where you are accessing the site.

5. Online Survey Jobs

Taking online surveys for a commission is another way to make money online; however, it is a waste of time since most of the online survey companies pay peanuts, and I would not advise anyone to go for online survey jobs.

Besides, if you are not a US or UK citizen, online survey jobs are not suitable for you since most of the companies that need surveys are US and UK based and they only accept US or UK citizens among few neighboring countries to take surveys online and get paid.

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Make Money Writing Online

Drawing of a Woman Writing at Brooklyn Museum
Drawing of a Woman Writing at Brooklyn Museum | Source

Make Money Writing Online

Different Ways to Make Money Online
Different Ways to Make Money Online | Source


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      Barack James 7 weeks ago from Green City in the Sun

      Welcome, thanks for your comment.

    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 8 weeks ago from Green City in the Sun

      Very true Marcelus King, online business is at its peak today due to the constantly increasing use of internet across the globe. Whether you market products or services online, write web contents, or work as an academic writer, there is no limit to what you can earn online. I work online full-time for a living, and it is really picking up in Africa, especially in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. I too started with iWriter and sometimes still visit them as I get lots of projects over there, and iWriter is simply going places, a goog platform to start off. I also get some web development projects at Upwork... simply put, I am online. Thanks a lot for your comment.

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      Marcelus King 8 weeks ago

      I have been working online for the last three years. I started working with After like a year i started doing academic writing. I have worked with companies such as uvocorp, bestessays, 4writers and upwork. Today i work with as an essay typer and a proof reader.Online business is just like any other kind of business. You can make as much money as you can make with any other business. The good thing is that you can actually decide how much you want to make.

    • profile image 2 months ago

      Nice blog, as a beginner writer I will definitely follow these tasks in my daily routine.

    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 2 years ago from Green City in the Sun

      Kanat: MLM is scam. I cannot testify that there are real products to sell in MLM. All I know is that big money people on top earn comes from newly registered members who still don't know how MLM works. The bitter truth is that you can work so hard and sell products (if they exist) through your account and you'll never earn more than your sponsors because the amount you get is devided from top to botton in a decreasing ratio. Just avoid it because it will separate you and your family members or friends, these are the only people you can convince to join MLM and they wont like the end result. Take your time and create content and earn through AdSense or affiliate marketing.

    • profile image

      Kanat 2 years ago

      MLM works and is the vehicle rselnpsiboe for helping many people on the road to find financial independence, typically within 2-5 years.There is, however, much confusion and misunderstanding concerning this business model. A pyramid scheme has no real product so commissions are based on bringing new people into the scheme who in turn also bring new people into the scheme. It's usually the people at the top that get the most while those at the bottom get very little. Eventually all pyramid schemes collapse because there is no real product being sold.MLM, on the other hand, usually has a very real product that is sold either by retail or through members personal purchases (usually both). Members are encouraged to build a network of distributors to market the product.In MLM you can earn more than those at the top if you apply some effort.In a pyramid scheme you can never earn more than those above you, so when investigating an MLM company see if you can find out if there are people earning more than their sponsors, (this is the crucial test to weed out pyramid schemes)

    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 2 years ago from Green City in the Sun

      Thanks BigBlue54 for the notification. Am getting the same error msg on their Hompage. Supposedly; Postgenius might be having some technical hitch or undergoing maintenance. Please remember to check back later as they say. Many thanks for your comment.

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      Just a quick heads up. Tried your link to postgenius and it seems to be having problems. I did a search and got the home page but all it said was to check back later.

      The rest of the article looked interesting though. Thanks for that.

    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 2 years ago from Green City in the Sun

      Thanks Sunilkunnoth; I was inspired by the hustle I went through to be able to make some small income online...I hope this will be helpful to beginners.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 2 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Wonderful article. Your tips are illustrative and helpful. It will help those who are planning of writing some online articles and earn some bucks for their work. Keep on writing such article. All the best.

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