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Being Successful Online

Updated on September 13, 2010

Building A Successful Online Business

Aloha Everyone:

So many people out there would love to have an Online Business that is successful enough to allow them to stay at home. As well there are so many advertisements online that promise you success over night. The truth of the matter is that you have to work at it in order to be Successful. It does not happen overnight, except maybe for those that are running the businesses that promise you over night success.

No matter what business you have chosen you can be Successful in it of you stick with it long enough to make it Successful. You can actually do this with little or no money. There is so much free advertising online. You have to search it out and do a little work in order to get the free advertising. A lot of new advertising agencys offer tons of free advertising in order to build their member base till they reach a certian number of members. These are great ones to get in on and advertise at a later date when the member base is in the thousands.

A lot of text ad exchanges offer promo codes for you to claim free advertising. Surfing Traffic Exchanges give you so many free credits just to join and allow you to surf advertisements for more credits. No money is needed to join and there is the option to purchase additional credits to advertise without you having to view other advertisements for more credits. There are safelist that you can join for free and get credits just for joining. As well you can purchase additional credits especially if the safelist is hot for your advertising and you are making sales.

The way you can tell where your advertising is doing the best for you is to have trackers attached to your URLs. There are many sites out there that offer adtrackers. Some are free and others have a cost attached. Making the best of your advertising is what you want and the adtrackers do this for you. They are one expense that you will want to have in your online business.

Another expense that is necessary is the AutoResponder. The AutoResponder is a pre-written series of messages about your site or products that are sent to your interested party on a daily basis or weekly, however you set it up. It automatically sends out messages for you to get the party to join your site or buy your products. The autoresponders take the work out of you having to send out followup messages. Online reports show that most people buy or join after having seen a product or service 5 to 7 times. This is why the autoresponder is a much needed tool for you to be Successful Online.

Capture Pages are another tool that is needed. Capture Pages are built to Capture a persons attention and get them to check out your site or Products. A great Capture Page will generate a click and possibly get a signup to your AutoResponded message. The AutoResponded messages are designed to get a signup to your site or make the sale to your Products. Capture Pages are great for Traffic Exchanges, Solo Ads, Text Ad Exchanges and so on.

In almost all advertising, Short and Sweet draws more attention than the long and drawn out ad. Notice how I have made some of the words in BOLD this draws attention. You want this. Look at the ad below and notice how it draws attention. It peaks interest in the product then calls for action at the end. You may have a great ad but if you don't call for action at the end you may lose your prospective customer.

How to make more sales? (Used as my headline also)

In order to make sales online, you need a powerful incentive to get people to take action.

Just like you, people are being bombarded by offers to buy or join or get something every day.

With a UL account, you will have the most powerful incentive service on the Internet and if you get it now, you can have it for life.

Check out the URL below and review the information page and see what I mean.

For information on my online business that I have chosen to build. check out the attached links below.


Bruce Moring



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