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Being a Mom Entrepreneur with a Special Needs Child

Updated on January 18, 2015

Being A Mom Entrepreneur with A Special Needs Child

Being a mom is something that is incredibly exciting but being responsible for another human being is an incredibly daunting task. The love for your kids is unconditional despite what they go through or physical or mental challenges they have. Kids with special needs require you’re a lot more attention and care than kids without them needing a mom to become more than just a parent. They need to be adaptable and take up roles as a nurse, therapist, and teacher and care giver. You child is your first priority in life but you also need to put a roof over your family’s head and put food on the table. Holding a conventional 9 to 5 job might not be possible as you need to cater for your child or children’s needs and give them the required attention. Being an entrepreneur allows you more versatility when it comes to your working hours and location.

Why starting a business might be best.

A special needs child requires a lot of love and patience that sometimes only a mom can provide. Whether your child is suffering from autism or cerebral palsy reality is that special need children have expensive needs from medical care to specialized tutors and equipment. This necessitates the need a double income in a household to cover the costs of the whole household. Since a conventional job might not be realistic or possible you growing an already established business or starting one might be a mom’s only option. This enables a mom to dictate their own business hours and align them with such activities as visits to a therapist and hospital visits.

Depending on the type of you start and how well you grow it you might just about match your former job or surpass it. You are also given the opportunity to see something you created grow which is a thrilling feeling. This is also a future investment for your children where you special needs child or children can be gainfully employed. This is especially convenient as you know and understand their abilities and skills and will be the most patient employer they can have

Tips to ensure your business is successful

The coined term mompreneur has gained increased popularity and exposure in the recent years since its coining a decade ago. This is because a vast majority of moms with special needs children have turned to this means of income earning.

· Research

This is essential when it comes to deciding on which business to start or growing your business. You need to find a gap in the market or find a niche for your product. This will also ensure that you do not make huge losses and have a rough estimate of the amount you need for capital.

· Plan

Planning is of crucial importance when going into and venture as it ensure that you know exactly you are undertaking and how to go about it. Ensure your plan is comprehensive incorporating thing like budget and market research. A comprehensive business plan might also be necessary when applying for loan to grow or start a business or when seeking out partners.

· Persistence

This is an essential in starting and growing any business as you should be will to take undesirable assignments and do them extremely well to help generate future business while growing your brand.

· Create a balance

You should be able to strike the right balance between the time spent on growing and establishing your business and your family. At first it might be difficult but you should not neglect your business as you need to create reliability to help it grow. Time management is essential to ensure that both sides are well catered for.

· Create a support network

It is always great encouragement to grow with other or commune with others in the same situation. You can gain invaluable advice and even form friendships on online communities for mompreneurs or moms with special needs children.

Success stories

· Susan Kleiman

She started Adaptive Apparel for Special Kids after she had to quit her job to provide proper care to her son born with multiple disabilities and cerebral palsy. She started this company after she found a niche in market while looking for comfortable and breathable socks for her son to where underneath his orthotics. She preserved through a lot of challenges with Ross’s illnesses and successfully created socks that not only useful for her son but other children suffering from the same condition.

· Rae Hoffman-Dolan

Rae’s son Christopher suffered a massive stroke sometime after his first birthday that caused extensive and permanent brain damage. Unable to hold her waitressing job due to the numerous hospital visits, she turned to the internet in search of a support group. She managed to generate a lot of traffic to her website in search of the information and decides to capitalize on this skill by starting, a publishing website with search engine optimization as a specialty.

Do you know anyone who has started a business successfully who cares for a special needs child?

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