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Being yourself shouldn't be so scary

Updated on July 3, 2016

Don't be afraid to be an individual

Throughout my career, there have been times when it was encouraged to be an individual, and to be different from what everyone else is. However, recently, it seems that many employees and even leaders, have become almost frightened to be seen as having a voice, having a view. Are we becoming a cookie-cutter society?

Yes, of course, there are certain things we can and cannot do in a job. There are certain things that we must focus on, such as how to maintain the stability of the company, how to keep employees engaged, and how to retain our best assets. but, when did we become scared of being who we really are inside? When did we begin to accept that companies expect us to be what they want us to be? Why do many of us feel that the promotions go to those who "fit the mold"?

The best companies are not run by robots, or carbon copies of others. The best companies are run by people who are different. A company should strive to develop their employees, so that the employees know that their values, their opinions, and their emotions are important and that each person has something huge to contribute to the company.

Using humanism and mindfulness, each of us can become accepting of who we really are. Once we learn to acknowledge and accept that inner person, that is when we can become the best versions of ourselves. That is when our value, can be used to help others who are struggling, begin to succeed. When we as employees, enjoy who we are, we will bring our companies up to the highest level we can. That is what we need more of.


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