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Believing In You…

Updated on October 20, 2014

Every person you know including yourself wants success.

They all want the best out of life and none of them enjoy mediocrity.
It is a fundamental need of the human to want to feel that they have value; they make a difference, and are appreciated or believed in by others.

Some of the best wisdom regarding the path to success is found in the biblical verses stating that faith can move mountains.
You have to believe, sincerely and completely believe in the things you cannot yet see, and then you can do them.
Not many people really believe that they can move the mountains in their lives. And so those mountains most often never get moved.
They remain there in the way, blocking them and keeping them from that success that they wish for on the other side of the mountain.
Nevertheless, I hear you say, “It’s impossible to make any mountain move by just saying ‘Mountain, Move!’ That’s just not possible”.
But careful that you are not confusing wishful thinking with real belief.
It is not a magic word that you have to phrase just right or say loud enough or often enough. Wishful thinking won’t cut it.
You can’t wish yourself into a penthouse hotel room, or a Ferrari or a five bedroom house or high income bracket.
You can’t wish yourself into a leadership position.
But the good news is that there is nothing magical or mystical about belief in what can be done and having faith that you­ can do it.

Belief simply works this way.

Belief, or “I absolutely can” attitude and approach generates in you the strength, skill and energy that you will need.
I mean think about it, if there is a simple task that you have done many times before, let’s say parallel parking a car in a space that you are familiar with, even if today you fail at first or you end up in positions you didn’t expect.
You wouldn’t give up, would you?

"Why" and “How”?

Why? - because you know you can do it.
You believe you can do it, and even though you haven’t done it again yet, you can see in your mind’s eye how it is eventually going to be.

The “How” always comes to those who want it bad enough and really believes he can do it. You will persist and it will be done.
Don’t you find it curious that many successful people had every opportunity to quit or give up or change the goal to something more achievable, but they didn’t.
They stuck to what they believed they could do.
So many people I have spoken to have told me of a time when they really considered starting their own business.

They had a great idea that they really believed in and they shared the plan with those close to them, maybe in the hope of some encouragement, but all they got was the opposite. Even from people who really loved them they were told all the reasons why it would not work and how they knew of people who tried the same thing and it failed.
“Don’t be a fool! You don’t have what it takes”, “You’ve missed the boat”, “It can’t be done”, “Don’t throw it all away”, “You’ll regret it and end up worse off”!
All their worst fears were reinforced in their minds and thus they never took that step of courage.
And yet I can assure you, even from personal experience, that there were not many business owners that weren’t scared stiff on the first day – loads of doubts flashing through their minds when the phones weren’t ringing on day one.
“Is this going to work?”, “Have I got what it takes?”, “Did I think it all through properly?”, “Is it me?”

Belief, strong belief, sincere belief triggers our minds into figuring out the ‘how to’ and the means.
And when you stick to it, it is amazing how many times successful people look back and wonder how on earth they did that!
They almost seem amazed at themselves and their achievements.


We often say during our Fire walking events, “It’s not Can or Can’t, Its Will or won’t .... But sometimes we don’t know how.”
Nevertheless, if the ‘why’ is strong enough people will find the ‘how’.
So that’s what it is all about.
Convincing your-self that there is no other option, no plan B, no acceptance of failure.

Many of us have people that we look up to in our lives because of what they have achieved. That sort of inspiration can work wonders for our own achievements as well.
Looking to an industry leader or a champion of some sort helps us with our belief because we can see for ourselves that it most definitely is possible.

We would do well to respect the leader in our field of choice.
We should learn from them.
Observe them intensely.
Study them. But don’t worship them.
Believe you can surpass them.
You can do more, but you may also have to take careful note of the price you’ll have to pay, the dedication you will have to commit to.

I had a horse riding instructor in my youth when training me for show jumping always used to say “You through your heart over the jump, then you go and fetch it”.
The only problem was that sometimes the horse didn’t throw his heart over!

Regardless, true to instruction I made it over the jump albeit sometimes without the horse!
Remember, A person is merely a reflection of his thoughts.
Believe Big and grow big.

Many people lack initiative because deep down inside they don’t believe that they are worth much.
They don’t think that they have what it takes.
But no-one else is going to believe in you until you can believe in yourself.

Beware however, I feel it necessary to put a provison in here, do not mistake believing in yourself with arrogance!
There is too much arrogance around in this day and age and it is an entirely different thing.
Arrogance is an offensive display of superiority or self importance. It is a demonstration of overbearing pride in oneself, and I think you will agree that none of these things can be considered good.
You can still believe in yourself whilst maintaining a humble approach.
You can believe in yourself whilst still appreciating other people and having a loving nature. But arrogance is bombastic and destructive.
I’m sorry to say that many people today pull on a mask of arrogance which is actually meant to cover their real lack of self-confidence.
Many of the arrogant people I meet are in fact really trying to elevate themselves as superior over other people.
They will find out with time that pride comes before a fall.

Author: Paul Johnson, Motivational Speaker and the M.D. of Movers & Shakers, a leading Motivation and Team Building company in South Africa.


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