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Benefit of using online marketing services for small businesses

Updated on December 29, 2014

The digital age has opened many new and exciting opportunities for small businesses. Whereas traditional methods of advertising and marketing are rather costly and time-consuming, online marketing is proving to be very friendly indeed to business startups and small-scale ventures. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on direct mail and print advertising, there are faster, more convenient, and more economical ways of sending the message across. Online communication has bridged the gap between brand and consumer in ways never before possible. In the coming year, it is important for small businesses to realize the possible gains of implementing online marketing services including e-mail marketing, paid online marketing, and social media marketing.

Influencing how consumers make purchasing decisions

Consumers have become reliant on their mobile devices in doing background research on products and services that they are looking for. Before buying an item online or from a physical store, many consumers take to the Internet to read product reviews posted by consumers. Consumers are particularly partial to using social media networks in performing such tasks.

These days, the success enjoyed by many small businesses, particularly those that are Web-based, is based on their ability to align their marketing campaigns with the way by which their target market makes their own purchasing decisions. With the help of online tools, marketing has become more personalized and customized. Communication is now at a more intimate level, in contrast with the traditional approach of communicating to the masses with a general message.

Huge advantages of social media marketing

Because of the sheer volume of people around the world who are currently holders of social media accounts, we must pay attention to social media marketing. When deciding on availing online marketing services, the strategy must include social media marketing, since it has proven to do wonders for a company of any size, especially small business ventures.

Perhaps a quick overview of the advantages of social media marketing is imminent in order to help companies to realize that it is beneficial for them to arrive at a marketing approach that holds the most rewards.

First, statistics reveal that more than 70% of adults browsing online use social networking sites. This is equivalent to billions of people, and all of them are potential customers. Tapping into this gold mine is the first step to success. Therefore, it is necessary for a small business to have a Face book page and a Twitter account, at the least, if it wants to get ahead of its competitors. Second, expanding one’s reach and widening the network is easier to do on social networking platforms, compared to other available platforms online. Social media also makes it easy for a business with a small budget to gain control of its online presence and image. Lastly, social media can be integrated very conveniently into a traditional marketing plan, if the company’s choice of approach is a mix of traditional and digital marketing activities.

Small businesses are like their large-scale counterparts. They have big plans for the business, albeit at a smaller budget, and with a lesser amount of available resources. Today, digital marketing offers businesses many different and affordable ways to spread the message and influence the decision of potential buyers.


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