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Benefits Of Writing A Business Sales Letter

Updated on August 4, 2010

Benefits Of Writing A Business Sales Letter

 The main benefit of a sales letter is that it is basically like you talking to each person and advertising your business in person.  Unless you were magical this would be really time consuming and tiring to do in person.  Writing an actual business letter is something different altogether because that has a more stern and strict tone to it.  Instead you want to get your point across but keep it casual and down to earth.

 There should be a beginning, middle and end to every sales letter in order for it to be effective and flow smoothly throughout.  The beginning is the headline and this is often the most difficult part to write.  Considering the headline should be about four to five words long that may seem a bit silly but it is true.  The headline, or title, is the first thing readers look at and it needs to captivate them.

 Anyone with any business experience knows how hard it can be to get people to pay attention and have interest in a new business.  Use the body of the letter to be where you give your sales pitch and where you discuss in as much detail as possible what it is that you have to offer.  Whatever products or services you are offering to your readers, they need to be made aware of these.  Today the industries are all so congested that people are not going to be interested in a business if they think there are five thousand more like them out there.

 The end is where everything should be brought nicely to an end.  Readers should know by now what sort of action they are taking after they are finished reading the letter.  Even if you only bring in a fraction of what you were hoping that is still more business and that is what matters.  There is no set determination for the length of a sales letter but they are usually between one to six pages long.


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