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Benefits of Using Destructible Vinyl Labels on Company Assets

Updated on May 31, 2014
Asset Tag
Asset Tag

Did you know that despite how trustworthy some of your employees may be, there will always be that temptation to pilfer company assets? Situations may lead some people to try and steal items that belong to the company, which can mean not only losses for your company but a damaging situation for someone in a time of weakness. How can you prevent this from happening? Simple enough – use destructible vinyl labels as asset tags on all your company’s assets.

Destructible vinyl labels are great for use as asset tags on your company’s property simply because these are multi-purpose. These can be used for your inventory and tracking purposes, and can also be seen as a deterrent to stealing. And all in a cost-effective, easy to apply (but difficult to remove) form that you can easily have customized for your company.

Destructible Vinyl Label
Destructible Vinyl Label

How Do These Labels and Tags Help Stop Theft?

How can stickers help stop people from stealing (or even planning on stealing) items that your company owns? These labels have a rather unique feature, and unlike other asset tags that are made out of aluminum foil or paper, these tags actually fall to pieces when someone attempts to remove them. How does this happen exactly?

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle that you completed. It looks like something that is in one piece, but when you try to lift it from the corner, you will find that you only end up removing the piece that you held on to. This is how a destructible label works, and how it helps stop people from trying to steal whatever these labels are attached to. The mere fact that people will think that a person tried to remove the sticker of an item that the company owns will often stop a person from even trying.

Being labeled a thief is what stops people from trying to steal items that have these tags. This will then help lower the incidence of theft (and even attempts to steal) simply because of the threat of discovery. Using these labels are therefore preemptive moves that helps keep people from getting tempted to steal, and protects your company from possible losses.

There are other kinds of labels that can be used in place of destructible vinyl ones and these are still as effective at stopping people from stealing as well. Stickers that are called tamper evident are also considered ideal for this particular purpose. Although these are mostly used for shipping purposes, these have already found their way into offices for the same purposes that these are used for shipping.

You see, when a shipping crate or container is closed, a huge sticker that is tamper evident is attached to the side that opens so that when someone tries to open the crate or container, the sticker leaves telltale signs of tampering or removal. The same can be said for when these stickers are attached to company items, and when someone tries to remove them – evidence of tampering or removal is left behind in the form of a sticky residue that has the words “void” all over it, making it obvious that a sticker was once in that spot.

Tags with Barcodes
Tags with Barcodes

Customization Options for Asset Tags and Destructible Vinyl Labels

When you have such tags made for your business, one of the main goals is for you to have an easy to use tracking system for all the assets your company owns. These tags can carry a wide variety of information on them, or can be as simple as a tag with only your company name and the asset number on it. You get to choose whether these tags should have barcodes on them (like those seen on barcodes and UID plates), or serial number and tracking codes only, or everything from the company logo, to the company motto, to the company name, and even mascot. The choice is actually yours.

What you put on your asset tags will also dictate the size of these things, and the bigger your tags, when you choose to use destructible vinyl labels, the more difficult it would be to remove such tags completely. Imagine needing to remove hundreds of small pieces from an item just so you can skirt this away from your office and to your home, to either use there for personal reasons or to sell. The idea alone will help keep people from even thinking of doing this.


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