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Benefits of Using Office Partitions

Updated on January 14, 2013

Office partitions offer a perfect opportunity to create a degree of separation in an office space. They are designed to be easy to install and erect in an open plan office space to establish a desired layout which is able to match the needs of the staff. Office partitions are available in a range of materials and provide a great solution for creating meeting rooms, individual offices, or similar separated areas.

Eliminating a Cubicle Based Work Environment

Office partitions are often a great alternative to a standard workstation or cubicle which comes with low-level walls. Cubicles often appear quite unappealing in looks and lack the ability to prevent or block noises traveling from one side of the office to the other – this can be quite distracting for other staff members in close proximity. It is also found that cubicals aren't the best layout option to promote communication between the staff members. Even thought they might be able to overhear each other, it isn't really productive to have a conversation when not being able to fully see each other.

Splitting an Open Space into Individual Rooms

A partition is able to effectively create a room in an existing office space without a need to install a stud or similar solid wall. Partitioning needn't be a permanent structure, which offers a highly desirable option if the office premises are being rented out and you don't have the option to make a change to an open office space. Office partitions also offer the flexibility of giving the chance to adapt the layout at a later date if required.

A Variety of Partition Materials

For complete flexibility in application, the partitions are available in a range of materials. A great option for a modern office environment is that of glass. A key benefit to using a glass partition is its ability to let light through which makes the overall office space a far-sight lighter and more appealing. This is often more appealing in the small office space where a solid wall has the potential to completely block light and make an office space seem a lot smaller then it actually is.

The most effective way to create a desirable office layout is to invest in the right discount office partitions to create an excellent work environment for all the staff. If planning on creating a modern or contemporary look, then you really want to look at the availability of the glass panels. A solid divider in glass or a similar material is perfect to create the right look in an office while also giving a solid and dependable material able to stand up to most stresses a typical office environment might be expected to deal with.


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    • partitionwalls profile image

      Mark Rushworth 4 years ago from Leeds, West Yorkshire

      Dont forget to add frosted glass for privacy!