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Benefits of Work Experience

Updated on November 4, 2012

It is so important in having a continued track record when you are looking for gainful employment. Gaps in your curriculum vitae shows a potential employer that the applicant has a history of instability within his working record. Employers, therefore, like to see evidence that you are reliable, conscientious and keen to work for him.

On the other hand, a blank curriculum vitae shows someone that has had no experience in the working world. Potential applicants must demonstrate that this is not the case. This is where the benefits of work experience becomes an integral part of the evidence that employers seek. It is through consistency - the fact that the applicant is a go getter' by making good use of his time - that puts people in good stead that leads to that essential interview.

A Job Worth Doing, Is A Job Worth Doing Well!
A Job Worth Doing, Is A Job Worth Doing Well!

A curriculum vitae demonstrates a lot about the type of person you are. It is important that an applicant shows himself in the best way. In all instances work experience will always be a good thing when seeking a job that pays. Of course most work experience falls in the category of volunteering and/or working for free. This may not be practical or easy - people can not sustain a life without money - so seek out other sources of income that enables you to live in the meantime.

There are often Government initiatives that help provide benefits to help, so obtain free advice with this. In the UK we have the Citizen's Advice Bureau (see resource box below), there are other such agencies that can help in the Western world.

Internships And Apprenticeships

The ideas surrounding the notion of work experience have been around for decades. It is a well known fact that an internship is just another label for this. Many professions insist that newly qualified post graduates take an internship and, of course, the post grad does this in hope that it will secure future paid employment in their chosen field. It is a chance to prove themselves!

Apprenticeships are another way to gaining work experience. These are often government supported with a grant or benefit. However, this is small but might help people gain those qualifications and access to gainful employment.

Offering your services, therefore, in order to gain work experience, is becoming more essential, especially when work is scarce. Yes, some people may think of it in terms of slave labour, but without gaining experience, how can you appeal to an employer who is willing to pay for your skills without the experience? It really is a catch 22 situation, so to speak.

You need a job to get a job and there are more benefits in work experience than just money.

Volunteering - A Great Way To Top Up Those Skills!
Volunteering - A Great Way To Top Up Those Skills!

Voluntary Organisations

There are many charitable organisations that will be happy for you to volunteer your services for free. You will really be contributing to a community of worthy causes by giving yourself. This enables confidence, gain skills in the area you wish to work and opens opportunities which you may never have thought of. The good news is, you get to choose!

Access to companies and opportunities open when you volunteer in business. You might be today's tea boy but tomorrow's chief executive - it has been known, you know!

The Benefits Of Work Experience, A Summary

Work Experience Enable Applicants To...

  • Demonstrate continuity in their working life
  • Provide evidence of a willingness to work and learn
  • Gain references - further evidence to future employers
  • Gain confidence
  • Enriches the curriculum vitae
  • Meet new people
  • Have meaning in their lives
  • Provides structure and routine to life - a focus
  • Feel fulfilled and valued
  • Gain new skills/improve on old ones
  • Gain eventual access to paid employment
  • Improve on personal communication skills
  • Provide added value to those he helps within the chosen field of work
  • Gain an upper hand over other applicants who may not have been involved with any work experience

© Shazwellyn 2012 - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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