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Benefits of being Bilingual at work

Updated on February 22, 2012

How many times have you heard that being bilingual is a plus when it comes to looking for work? I have heard it so many times that it has stuck in my head. I come from a family where on my dads side they are from Kentucky and on my moms side they are from Mexico. So you can say I know both English and Spanish and that has honestly helped me where I work at since we are a border city.

When it comes to being bilingual, you don't just have to know English and Spanish, you can know German, Italian, any language that you may have learned especially those people who are in the military. Knowing two or maybe even more than two languages is very helpful even though you may not exactly speak to someone knowing that language. You are able to communicate to the customers that you interact with daily. They will be able to understand you more and they will find it easier to convey their problems or situations to you knowing you understand what they are talking about. Much better communication is what can be expected.

Alot of schools offer several different language classes, such as Spanish, French, some of them even German, just depending on the school. In a way Spanish and French is almost the same because I took one year of French and to me it was almost a bit like Spanish.

What languages have you learned? Have you used it where you work at?


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