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Benefits of using cloud computing in nonprofit for data management, project evaluation and asset tracking

Updated on August 25, 2015
Cloud Computing for Nonprofits
Cloud Computing for Nonprofits | Source

Nonprofits and Cloud Technology

More than 90% of respondents of the Nonprofit Technology Network survey say that cloud-based software has enabled them to improve cost efficiency and productivity. Asset tracking software is one such cloud-based solution that improves productivity by managing and tracking assets, enabling employees of nonprofits to direct their focus to solving community problems and helping social good.

Cloud computing benefits nonprofits in multiple ways:

  • Cloud computing enables startups to enter new markets and offer products that provide value for money. This enables nonprofits to use enterprise grade products at a fraction of the cost.

  • Another benefit to nonprofits from cloud computing is that it improves employee productivity by providing access to information 24 x 7 without requiring significant investment in IT. Most non-profits work in regions where infrastructure is weak and having access to cloud computing software enables employees to use only basic internet access without the need for expensive IT lab setup.

  • Non-profits need to have good governance and transparency in order to establish their reputation amongst the donor community and grow as an organization. They also need to adhere to donor rules, some of which require strict auditing. Using cloud computing enables adherence to governance policies and also quick sharing of financial reports, metrics and evaluation reports with donors. This reduces the overhead and makes compliance easier.

Cloud Technology for Asset Inventory Management in Non-profits

Asset management is critical for good governance and moving to cloud computing is highly beneficial in achieving key metrics of asset tracking. With the usage of reliable asset tracking software, you can make the office environment efficient and mitigate the hassle faced by the employees. Through these software, enable asset tracking, asset management and optimize the use of assets.


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