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Best 5 Android Advertising Networks | Highest Revenue

Updated on March 24, 2012

The Explosive Growth of Android Advertising Networks

The smart-phone and tablet revolution have completely transformed the advertising media in place too. If you are searching to choose the best android advertising network available today then this article would help you find the right one that match your requirements. Now mobile ads turns out to be one of the most competitive and effective advertising medium. Developers crowd to code new better applications so that they could maker revenue out of the applications from advertising. There has also been a parallel explosion of new advertisers emerging in mobile advertising arena to grab early-bird opportunities. Soon after the a growth of Android operating system, Google acquired ‘AdMob’ which was a mobile advertising company start-up, and several other companies like AirPush, Grey Stripe etc have emerged as competitors. Now let’s visit some of the top android ad networks in 2012.

AdMob Android Advertising Network

AdMob, as said earlier is a mobile advertising start-up acquired by Google. They are one of the leading mobile advertisers today with highest delivery of ads ( you can see their count in . However, the fill rate and eCPM of AdMob is comparatively less than some of the other competitors like AirPush.


  • Lot’s of good companies use AdMob as the android advertisement media.
  • Owned by Google.
  • Easy Integration


  • Low fill - rates
  • Low eCPM

AirPush Android Advertising Network

AirPush comes with a lot of developer support and revenue generation assurance. They claim 10x to 30x revenue than any other android mobile advertiser. It’s because of the unique feature ‘push ad notification’ they have integrated to their system. Usually only 5-15% of the applications are used actively in a device. With push ad notifications you can even push ads to the user screen even while your app is inactive.


  • Push ad notifications
  • First and only (so far) mobile advertiser to offer push ad notifications.


  • Users may remove the applications because of the push ad notification system. Although there is an option for a user to opt-out of push ad notification (at, few people are aware of it.

Greystripe Android Advertising Network

Greystipe is a mobile video advertising platform. Their ads have good user engagement and have high hopes in the coming days. They’ve already gathered several awards in ‘emerging technologies’ category and continue to grow with publishers and advertisers. It might be a good option to use Gerystripe . They are particularly brand-based ad network and this has enabled them to achieve a consistent growth.


  • High fill - rate
  • Consistent growth potential


  • Video based ads are still to gain popularity.

InMobi Android Advertising Network

InMobi is a mobile advertising company with good background. They’ve got over 93.4 billion ad impressions monthly from 485 million consumers. Their advertising network have reached over 165 countries also. Which such huge network, InMobi is a good choice as android advertising network.


  • Huge Network
  • Rewarding


  • Initially it’s difficult to get accepted in their ad program network

LeadBolt Android Advertising Network

LeadBolt is another premium mobile advertising network. They focus on utilizing the entire App Usage Cycle for monetization. LeadBolt have around 8 format of advertisements for each scenario of the app usage. You get the money from the installation time till the app is un-installed. Even when the app is not actively used, notification ads can be shown to the user.


  • Plenty of ad formats to use
  • Display ads even when the app is inactive


  • May result in clunky user interface if app is not designed appropriately


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      robin 17 months ago

      Great article indeed!! But brands can also try moLotus interactive and amazing multimedia messaging platform. It reaches millions of customers in minutes. It saves huge cost, is engaging and a profit generator.

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      Charlotte 5 years ago

      That's an expert answer to an interesting qeustoin