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Best Business Ideas for Teens

Updated on September 16, 2011

Being young sort of restricts your limitation on starting a business or kicking up a job but there are still a lot of opportunities for teens to earn a bit of income by starting their own business.

Perhaps you are a teen and would like some extra cash for fun or maybe you're a parent that wants to help their kid get started with a business.

Where ever you're starting from, this hub will share some of the best business ideas for teens.

Dog Walking

There are thousands of families, in your area, that have dogs but don't have a lot of time to take them out for a walk each day because of their jobs and limited time throughout the day.

A teen could start a successful business around dog walking. The price for dog walking services can be however the market demands; $25 for the week is a good starting point when you take a dog out three times throughout the week.

Build up a lot of people that need the services and a teen could turn an afternoon into a very profitable business in no time at all especially since there are many people that need the service.

Freelance Writing

If you have the ability to type than you can start a business by freelance writing.

Freelance writing lets you command anything from $1 an article to $100's; it all depends on the type of content you write and the clients you write for.

Another option, with freelance writing, is to write for websites like Hubpages which allow you to add ways to make money such as Adsense, Amazon and Ebay to your articles.

In all, to get started you simply need to start writing. In time, you can show off you work to people that may be interested in purchasing freelance writing services from you and THAT is where the business starts.


Babysitting has been one of the hallmark jobs for teens because families, obviously, have children but it's often too expensive to pay for day care. Likewise, parents want to go out and have time for themselves which makes for a perfect opportunity to start up a babysitting service.

Babysitting isn't limited to girls; boys can start babysitting as well - all you need to do is to start asking around - maybe your neighbors - to find a few families that could use your services.

Be nice to the children and always make sure you're taking care of them based around what the parents expect. Always stay safe and watch after the children; if you do good work than parents may recommend you to other families they know and that begins a great opportunity to pick up a lot more work.

Paint for People

Try your hand in a bit of art or art-related services by painting for people.

Many people need certain areas of their house, mailbox and other buildings touched up which takes too much time away from what they're working on which puts you in the perfect position to start selling your painting services and earn a bit of money.

Go door-to-door asking people whether they need things touched up with paint and you could find yourself with a lot of takers.

Teach People

Did you know that your knowledge of the web is worth a TON to businesses? That's right, your usage of Facebook and other websites puts you in a very awesome position to teach business about the web.

Many business owners don't have the time to start using the web for their business; they need people like you to share how to get started with Facebook, websites and buying stuff online.

You could teach business owners how to get started online and make quite a bit of money even though you're just a teen - in fact, you're in a perfect position because you use the stuff everyday!

Likewise, you could use your knowledge of the web to teach other kids (maybe Elementary School children) which will be a great service to parents.

When in Doubt, Find a Job

If business is something that is a little too far out of your reach than there are still a lot of great jobs you can start as a teen.

What I recommend is to find a cool job that will help you further understand business. In fact, you could use your experience at a job to start a freelance business around your knowledge of the job skills - but that's another story.

In all, you have a lot of opportunity to start a business as a teen. You CAN do this, it just takes patience and time to get started.

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    • MelissaKA profile image

      Melissa K A 6 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

      The babysitter's handbook is a great bit to include. I babysat often in high school and that book would have been handy! I'll have to get it for my little sister.