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Best Career Options with Attractive Remuneration Packages

Updated on September 29, 2015

If you are quite curious about which career in India makes the most money, we have compiled a list of top seven well-paid career options. Each of the listed jobs requires your pre-efforts. You cannot plan opting for any of the mentioned career suddenly as they demand specific academic and further education base.

One has to go through rigorous studies during school, college and further trainings. But, your hard work would offer you with sweetest fruits in the form of well-paid job, respect in the society and self-pride. It our continuous efforts and hard work that bring success ultimately. Now, have a look on the listed lucrative career fields:


Medical field is the most respected and reputed field. If you belong to this sector, you automatically get recognition and name in the society. It is a prestigious profession and one earns lucrative amount of remuneration and other benefits. A general practitioner earn around Rs. 3 lakh per year in the course of internship. With experience, a general practitioner can earn between Rs. 7-10 lakh per annum. Doors are always open for doctors in both public and private sectors. One can start his/her private practice and earn well.

Experience Group

  • Less than 1 Year - 16%
  • 1-4 years - 61%
  • 5-9 Years - 12%
  • 10-19 years - 7%
  • 20 years or more - 4%

Gender Ratio

The gender ratio in this sector is - 24% Female and 76% Male

Reported Individuals - 503


Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountancy is reputed and well-paid career option. The person who belongs to this profession has to deal with different aspects such as financial accountancy, tax management, auditing, banking and consultancy. A chartered accountant can play many roles. Those who are chartered accountant are certified members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). A CA has multiple possibilities as he/she has career opportunities in different fields such as legal firms, banks, auditing firms, finance companies, public limited companies etc.

A CA fresher can earn between Rs 5-7 lakh. With 5 years of experience, one can be able to earn Rs. 24 lakh annually. Either you can go for CA jobs abundantly available or you can start your own practice. You have multiple opportunities if you are a CA. One just need not to worry about what salary package he will get if he/she becomes CA as this is one of the best career choice that would help you live your dreams the way you always wanted. To hold the position of a CA, your continuous efforts at present will help you achieve a great status in future.

Experience Group

  • Less Than 1 year - 24%
  • 1-4 years - 52%
  • 5-9 years - 16%
  • 10-19 years - 7%
  • 20 Years or more - 1%

Gender Ratio

The gender ratio in this sector is - 24% Female and 76% Male

Reported Individuals - 2,942


Management Consultant

We can see many top management schools exist in India offering quality management education. Not everyone, but the dedicated and hardworking students get the best packages. A fresh graduate from a regular college can earn between Rs. 2.5-4 lakh, while a pass-out from FMS, IIMs or XLRI can earn up to Rs. 12 lakh annually. With skill development and experience, management professionals start earning lucrative remuneration packages. With 5-8 years of experience, one starts earning from 15-30 lakh per annum. Management and financial services companies are the top employers who can offer great salary packages to talented individuals.

Experience Group

  • Less than 1 Year – 6%
  • 1-4 years – 41%
  • 5-9 years – 36%
  • 10-19 years – 15%
  • 20 years or more – 2%

Gender ratio

The gender ratio in this sector is - 17% Female and 83% Male

Reported Individuals - 825


Investment Banker

Basically, an investment banker works with a financial institution. The financial institution may belong to the business of raising capital for different entities, governments and companies. Investment banker works in a large bank’s division. The career of an investment banker starts as an analyst. Further, with experience and skills, it goes to a director or a managing director. A director or a managing director earns anywhere between Rs. 30-4- lakh per year, while the average pay of an associate investment banker is Rs. 7 lakh per year.

Experience Group

  • Less than 1 Year – 19%
  • 1-4 years – 53%
  • 5-9 years – 25%
  • 10-19 years – 3%
  • 20 years – 3%
  • 20 years or more – 1%

Gender Ratio

The gender ratio in this sector is - 15% Female and 85% Male

Reported Individuals - 115


IT professional

IT is a broad term and one who belongs to this field may be either from software technology or hardware technology. With immense growth in the IT sector, multiple major brands exist. You need to hold a relevant degree or diploma in software or hardware to enter this sector. A software fresher can earn anywhere between Rs. 1.5-2.5 lakh annually. Gradually with experience, the pay package increases. An IT engineer with 5 years of experience is expected to earn around Rs. 6-10 lakh. A project leader could be earning around Rs. 8-9 lakh.

Experience Group

  • Less than 1 year – 1%
  • 1-4 years – 5%
  • 5-9 years – 33%
  • 10-19 years – 59%
  • 20 years or more – 1%

Gender Ratio

The gender ratio in this sector is - 4% Female and 96% Male

Reported Individuals - 9,100


Petroleum Engineer

It is rare to experience someone telling that I am a petroleum engineer. But, those who choose this field earns huge remuneration packages. There are multiple job responsibilities and for each of the responsibilities, there are different petroleum engineers. It comprises of drilling engineers, production engineers, petroleum geologists and reservoir engineers. A fresher can earn between Rs. 3-6 lakh. India caters with multiple opportunities in petroleum engineering sector as there are numerous jobs in Bharat Petroleum, ONGC, IOC, BG, Reliance, Shell etc. Individuals with around ten years of experience can earn around Rs. 20-25 lakh annually.

Experience Group

  • Less than 1 year – 22%
  • 1-4 years – 52%
  • 5-9 years – 17%
  • 10-19 years – 8%
  • 20 years or more – 2%

Gender Ratio

The gender ratio in this sector is - 5% Female and 95% Male

Reported Individuals - 116



Aviation sector is the most lucrative career option. The field is full of adventure and passion. Of the all aviation jobs, a pilot’s jobs is considered the most crucial. The modern transportation has become largely dependent through air. It has led the demands of pilots to the peak in the last few years. The salary offered to a pilot has attracted many to choose the similar field. One has to go through different stages to finally reach to the cockpit. The journey starts with being a first officer and then commander. The average salary of a first officer ranges between Rs. 15 lakh and Rs 25 lakh annually. Commanders earn a high amount of salary - around Rs 72 lakh per year.

Experience Group

  • Less than 1 year – 17%
  • 1-4 years – 58%
  • 5-9 years – 15%
  • 10-19 years – 9%

Reported Individuals - 64


Salary Comparison as per Experience

Fresher/ per annum
Experience: 5-10 years/ per annum
IT professional
Chartered Accountant
Management Consultant
15 -30
Investment Banker
Petroleum Engineer
Medical Career


We hope that you have got your answer to know the topmost career fields that offer fruitful remuneration packages. To briefly point out, medical (doctor), chartered accountancy, petroleum engineering, aviation (pilot), management consultancy (consultant), investment banking (banker) and Informational Technology (IT professional) are the seven topmost well-paid sectors. The write up comprises of particular experience groups on the basis of reported individuals that would give you an idea about the ratio of professionals involved into specific field mentioned in here. Also, you would be able to know the gender ratio through this write-up.

Which career you find the best in terms of career growth professionally and financially?

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The major portion of stats are from payscale that helped writing this write-up. The salary comparison, reported individuals and specific experience group are the result of their efforts. While writing this piece of information on some of the best career options that provide attractive remuneration packages, scattered information were gathered and then placed in this write-up. Hoping that you would like the provided details on the shining career opportunities.


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