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Best Contextual AdSense Alternative

Updated on February 20, 2013

My Review

4 stars for

I haven't found a single Advertising network worth calling an alternative to AdSense from a global perspective. Until recently, I came across this ad network called A 100 per cent legitimate Ad Network which is also an industry leader among CPM networks! I'd call the best AdSense Alternative! is a Yahoo | Bing Contextual Ad Network

If anyone can at least think of standing a chance to Google AdSense, It's Yahoo! Yahoo and Bing together partnered with to provide, what I call a true 'AdSense Alternative'. logo logo is a CPM Network

Back during the days of the launch, was a PPC Network. A visitor had to double click on the ad to ensure the publisher gets paid. Howvever, currently they are providing CPM rates, and yes, they pay well.

Tribal Fusion, till now seems to be the industry head paying a CPM of $0.50 to $1.50. However, they have a limited fill rate and you need to have a back up ad.

Life at is somewhat different. Though it's hard to get approved in the network, once approved, you may enjoy a lot of benefit like, a 100 per cent fill rate (which is a great great thing in CPM Advertising) and a higher ( higher than Tribal Fusion) CPM rate.

Founder and CEO: Divyank Turakhia

The Man behind
The Man behind

CPM Rates of

Two of my friends run on their blogs and they've reported better CPM rates, in fact better than the Google RPM. You're allowed to put 3 Ads and they can be run along with Google AdSense Ads.

A friend who runs a Technology blog has reported a CPM rate of $0.50 to $1.0. he gets substantial amount of Indian visits along with visits from US, UK, Canada.

You need a good portion of visits coming from US, UK and Canada

My other friend who runs a blog on 'blogging tips' generates a CPM of $1.5 to $2.5. Even, if you average $1.5 then your 3 ads units will make $4.5 per 1000 impressions! Additionally, you've Ad Sense on your blog. Publisher Support provides a dedicated support manager for each of the publisher and you're able to receive substantial optimization tips from them. They are friendly and customer support is tremendous for both new and veteran publishers

Complete Customization of Ads

You can have a complete set up customized ads for your blog. Specially the 600x250 ad unit at the end of the post does extremely well compared to other size. You can customize the color of the ad units and be assured you'll be in good terms if you ask them to keep a watch on your traffic quality.

Is a Scammer is too big a company to be called as scam! Since they pay a high CPM rates, they obviously need a higher return of investment! But the very nature of the CPM rates makes the difficult to predict success with blogs!

If you search Scams, you may find some reviews cropping up, telling that they bad advertisers due to low quality traffic! They do it just after reaching the payout!

Does this sound True?

Yes, it may be true! Normally, approves high quality sites since they provide a high CPM. It may so happen that a website/ blog performs lower than their expectation level. Occasionally, it may perform extremely low with negligible profit to the advertiser ( possible in a CPM Model)! If this be the case, care needs to be taken! Logically, if a publisher reaches the payout, must put\ into scan the entire activity and the traffic of the blog before paying the publisher. Now, it's here you may have a story! If the publisher has low traffic with low conversions for which they have ( or Advertiser) pays him a big $$$ of 250+

This may force them to cancel the publisher's account and stop entertaining emails. yes, this is not legit, something the should try to improve, if this is the case at all.

Publisher Requirements for accepts high quality content sites! There is no traffic threshold which is an extremely good thing, it shows they are trying to get local, tapping the pool of local audience, along with global! Though this might make the life of the staffs at harder, constant rejections, managing 100000's of publishers!

The good thing for you is, there is an AdSense alternative and their ads are not too poor. Though, they don't have the technology of AdSense to make ads appear as fast as AdSense or as clickable! But, they are trying to be an AdSense alternative in true sense and we should support them.

If you have a quality site with 200+ page views, I hope you can apply for and what for their publisher support team to contact you!

Niche of your blog is something which is going to matter while getting your site approved!

Minimum Payment Threshold

The minimum payout at is $250. Thus you should concentrate of having a minimum of 1000 to 2000 page views a day before you jump to apply for This will help you reach a payout every month, and there is nothing better to start off with a monthly payout!

I think pays NET 30 days and NET 7 days for large publishers. Please do check and let me know if I'm wrong!

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