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Best HIPAA Compliant Hosting Providers

Updated on March 26, 2012

What is the impact of HIPAA in the health industry?

If you are searching for a suitable HIPAA compliant hosting provider then this article will provide you with a well researched overview of some of the best HIPAA Compliant Hosting services available today. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ties up legal aspects of health industry with technical evolutions that be implemented in health institutions. Before the introduction of HIPAA there were no specific regulations in health industry. As technology evolved, paper works began to get reduced and hospitals started to rely more on electronic transactions, for bill payments, insurance claims and health record storage. In this scenario, some regulations were necessary to protect the privacy of patients as well as to support the use of new technology by the hospitals. Hence, standardized protocols were made to create eHR (electronic Health Records), computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems and electronic protected health information (e-PHI) . The HIPAA Security guidelines contain steps to be taken by organizations ( called “covered entities”) that must be put in place to secure individuals electronic protected health information” (e-PHI).

How to find the best HIPAA Compliant Hosting Provider?

A HIPAA Compliant hosting provider must technical support all the hipaa compliance requirements specified in the act. It includes

  • Encrypted transfer of data over a network.
  • Firewalls to prevent malicious entry to the internal hospital network.
  • Regular back-up incase of natural disasters or data loss due to other reasons.

Best HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

Following are some of the best cloud hosting that complies with the specifications of HIPAA.

Amazon Web Service - HIPAA Compliant Hosting

In April 2009, Amazon Web Services released a white-paper concerning the configuration of HIPAA Compliant hosting in the the Amazon EC2 hosting plans. They provide compliance to both HIPAA Security and HIPAA Privacy. They are one of the most affordable and reliable hosting provider you can rely on. You can choose Amazon Web Service if you are ready to do a bit of manual configurations. This could save you quite a bit of cash with their unique pay-as-you-use plans. Hiring a profession for setting up the cloud hosting for your hospital with AWS is also an option.

Connectria - HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Connectria was ranked 2nd in North America and 4th world-wide for the progress made in cloud host. They provide strict compliance to HIPAA . All the features required for HIPAA is satisfied by Connectria and this is what makes them one of the most favored HIPAA Compliant hosting provider. Their independent surveys showed that many of the consumers preferred them over Amazon, Rackspace and IBM. Of course it isn't complete with the survey being done by their own but it shows their existing customers are happy with what they have.

Secure 24

Secure 24 is a cost-effective HIPAA compliant hosting provider. They are already accredited with around 13 of the industry hosting standards such as SOX, PCI, HITECH etc. This makes them reliable for upcoming compliance as they stay updated with new standards.


Logicworks is another great platform that provides HIPAA hosting service. They have good infrastructure and excellent customer support. Technically, they stay updated with the latest developments in virtualization and cloud computing. HIPAA compliant hosting comes as a part of their Private Clouds. One of their unique service is “Engineering as a Service” which offers a pool of engineering talent to hire from, for your technical needs.

More HIPAA Hosting Providers

Some of the other good HIPAA compliant hosting providers include,,, and There are a lot of new upcoming providers who offer HIPAA compliance . Do share your experience below.


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