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Best Holiday Jobs When Looking For Work

Updated on October 21, 2010

Everyone in most of America is looking forward to this Christmas season to find a part time job just to put food on the table. Most major national retailers will be bulking up on their part time job slots for a couple of months, and many applicants will be hoping for a full time job to result from this situation. It does happen occasionally if an employer will see how well a person is doing their job, but today's economy dictates that they pump and dump holiday jobs quickly to maintain any profitability. The average part time job in a grocery store, or discount retailer like Wally World will pay about eight dollars an hour, and may a little more in some areas. You can actually realize more money working for seasonal companies.

Christmas Jobs - Holiday Jobs

Christmas and Holiday Jobs
Christmas and Holiday Jobs

Holiday Jobs

Take live Christmas tree lots for example - it is predominately a cash business, and it people are usually in a joyful mood when picking out their annual Douglas fir for the holidays. This means good tips if you provided exceptional customer service, and overall make their shopping experience a good one. A better solution would be to work at well established plant nurseries, as they will not only sell live Christmas trees, but wreaths, holly, and of course poinsettias to give as gifts to coworkers, and family during the season.

Christmas Jobs

There are specific Christmas tree stores in major cities across America that will actually sell only fake or artificial Christmas trees, plus all the lights and trimmings. They also offer decorating, and in home setups for people with extra disposable income. These types of jobs will always garner more money in gratuities. In some cases the tips will out weight the weekly paycheck you may be receiving. So in summary, go for the real seasonal jobs that you know will end in a few months, but can make more like fifteen to sixteen dollars an hour.

This is also a great time for a teenager to start their first part time job career while still in high school. The weather will be pleasant, and they will be able to easily handle the physical labor. Check with the local rotary club, and other charities in the area as they will have their own Christmas jobs available for selling trees.


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      Leslie A. Shields 7 years ago from Georgia

      Great information....I will pass it on