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Best Job Interview Video Collection - Questions & Answers

Updated on November 17, 2011

Most Basic Job Interview Question: Tell Me Abour Yourself!

Why Should I See A Job Interview Question and Answers Video ?

Watching these Best Job Interview questions and answers video from this collection will defienitely help you out during your job search.Videos can be understood easier than reading pages and pages of articles.That's why I decide to reduce words in this hub and include more videos for better practical understanding. I've also include interview videos which has some excellent job interview tips from HR consultants from famous recruiting compaines like is a one stop place for all your interview needs.

Those who are all looking for a job must be posses a dynamic personality to impress the interviewer .While, some people have the talent for this from birth but those who don't have it should definitely get a boost up by Getting more experience, practice and by watching how to answer the most typical questions.

Those who are in the interview panel would be mostly from the Human Resource department and will be having years of experience doing this job.Even if you get selected for the aptitude test(screening) and get over 'Group Discussions'. Still If you fall in the Interview questions and answers round then all your efforts will be in vain.This happens because the companies give a great deal of importance for the communication skill of the candidate.After all, that's what have made humans so different from monkeys! We humans have linguistic ability to exchange ideas which is why we are ruling the world now.

Job Interview

Job Interview Video Question:Why Should We Hire You?

Interview Video:How to say examples from real life?

Impressing your Interviewer with Dressing ?

Now there are few things which you have to watch out while going for your dream job Interview.

Dressing For Interview

Do you know that each colour have its own characters? You should be perfectly , utterly completely , well dressed. That doesn't mean you have to pull into the most expensive suit you have. The colour of your outfit should be pleasing for the eyes (mind it even if you're doing a webcam interview) , because all the while you are in the hot seat that colour is going to influence their thoughts. Imagine going for an Interview wearing a black shirt with red big circle patterns, and a yellow tie . Your name would be stroked off even before they ask you the first question.

So what colours to choose?

Always select plane light shades of the colour . Most of the experts and experienced people suggest wearing shades of blue . It would be better to have no patterns on it.Notice how the candidate is dressed in my first interview video.

And most Importantly. Don't think they don't see your shoes. Polish it!

Interview Video: Most Important Aspects Of

Interview Video:How To Answer Job Interview Questions : Interview Tips

Interview Video: How To Overcome Job Interview Nervousness

Behavioural Interview Aspects

Body Language

You can't just cat-walk into the panel and plainly put the resume over the table and sit royally like a king scratching his head , for an interview!The moment you put your first step into the interviewing room they would be watching your every slight movements .They way you enter , the way you walk in , the way you sit, they way you greet. You should practice these things to perfection before you walk-in and of course they should be made a part of your life . All these traits indicate your culture and professional standard.


Last but not the least , this is the critical factor in a job interview that ultimately decides your destiny! It doesn't mean knowing to speak out the answers . You should be able to keep up your manners . Don't speak too much nor don't speak too less and don't bluff ( in a way that they can understand you are bluffing). Always show a smiling face while entering as well as while leaving .

Your choice of words matters . A good vocabulary indicates a good education. You should be expressive and use understandable gestures to convey the idea . Well a picture is more than a thousand words so is videos . I've put up some selected videos which has helped me in a lot of ways and are very useful for anyone who wants to know what's the key to good interview performance.These aspects are very essential for behavioural interviews!

Those which I have not Mentioned Here are covered in the videos in detail

Follow Up

An interview feedback is essential at most situations to get a slipped out job . After the interview write letters to the company hr department , thanking them for the opportunity to attend the interview in their prestigious firm, and that you would like to get an interview feedback. Those companies usually like to give special priority for the sincerity of the client.

Hope you enjoyed my article and the most important job interview questions and answers videos I've selected.Don't for get to leave your insights on facing interview as comments below.


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