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Best Investment Option

Updated on June 1, 2012

Invest in career for strong financial condition

Lets list our best achievement till now. Which achievement will get top place on the list? Is it our comfy house, luxury car, beautiful holiday, earned jewelry, bank balance or any other valuable thing? And in the last where come the name of our organization, designation, hefty pay package or education qualification. Most often these all comes somewhere at the bottom line of the list.

Have you thought about the concrete foundation, on which all above mentioned things have been build up? Think what we forget in the list which has more importance than the list mentioned above? The answer is “Career”, which is our greatest asset which we always ignore. This is the key of the list of our success else our house of cards may begin to collapse.

We always think that we can buy everything in this world with our. We also think that our job is just for working and most rapturous event of our job is pay day. We never bother about to ensure to have continued this pay in the next month or months and years after that. We kept thinking least at this point. Although, the days gone, when our jobs used to fall due to laps in our working. Today, we need to constantly prove that we are having the best capacity to work presently working with and we are the suitable one for the job doing currently. If, we take real interest in our job and do everything with a great interest there is no mean to get failure. This means that to go ahead in our professional life we must constantly & continuously invest in our career else there may be some laps and it will not be beneficial for us. In fact, most of us only worried about our job but not being serious about our career. Think that what is job? Will it remain continue for the life? Answer is No. Then think about career. Is it for the life? Definitely, answer will be “Yes”. OK, the final conclusion is that the job may come and go but career never wasted.

A small investment of time and effort may give you the fundamental way of getting success at every step. You can observe & feel by returns from the career that there is a big difference between the earning potential of a high performer and a poor one.

A poor performer, even after maintaining decorum at the workplace, he may earn only a standard increment of 4 to 5% a year or even less, which is very low at all in comparison with the fast increasing inflation rate. It is clear from the calculation that effectively, every year we are not getting growth and so, not getting happiness but becoming poorer each year.

At the same time, a high performer may have a good chance to get a 15 to 20% increment a year. Not even this but he may also earn other rewards like he may get higher post by superseding his seniors and retain for long to the organization. No doubt the earning money is the first motto for every person but the high performer will not only earn more money than others but he may also have a better chance of growth in the future. Also such person gets satisfied with his performance and will be happy which may be other reason for his best performance. We know that if someone is happy, it will reflect in his work also and thus earning potential of a person definitely increased.

Here, another difference we will see in the investment of poor performer and high performer. If both the performer are investing per month same portion of their income say 25%, with an estimate of 8% return per year. Obviously, the high performer is earning more per year, so, he will invest more than the low performer. As a result, the high performer will earn a comfortable amount of money till his retirement. On the other hand, the low performer will get 5 times less than that of high performer, if they have same age of 35 years. This is the considerable different which tells us to that we must take an active interest in our career not in our job.

What we have learned here?

Now, we have gone through the facts which affect our financial condition and future prospects. We came to know that your career is an important asset, so, you must start to formulate a plan for your career. You must set your short-term (for 2-5 years period) as well as long-term (for the period of 5 to 20 years) goal and always try to fulfill all requirement. Implement whatever plan you have made and then take a regular review what the process you had applied to achieve the goal, what mistake you have made in the past and what correction is required for the future. Always learn from the mistake you have made in the past and make necessary correction in the process for the betterment of your future.

Always remember that you must set your goal for the career must be centered on the parameters like learning, designations, nature of roles and the main term - monetary benefits. Keep track on your goals and update your resume within 3-4 moths. See the result for next 3-4 months and if still you have no achievement to list, you may have not added value to the role.


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