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Best Paying Hot Jobs in Norway

Updated on August 15, 2012

Top High Paying Jobs in Norway

According to the Human Development Report released by UNDP, Norway is the best and most desirable country in the world to live and work, followed by Australia and Iceland. Canada(4), Japan(10), United States(13), New Zealand(20), UK(21), and Singapore(23) made it to the top 25 countries list. If you are looking to migrate to a foreign country or a well paying overseas job, Norway may be the place to turn to. With their rapid economic growth since second world war, a lot of opportunities are created in the country. Norway has a very low unemployment rate of 3.1%. So if you have the required qualifications and really try hard the chances are high that you will find yourself a really high paying overseas job. As mentioned on their embassy website, Norway is a land of high salaries, equal opportunities, and the authorities are constantly making efforts to make it easier for qualified foreign workers to get a job in Norway.

How to Find A Job in Norway

Ok, all is well. But how will you go about finding a job in Norway? Where to start, What jobs are available? How to find them? Almost 50 % of all available jobs are never advertised through the regular channels. This number may be a bit too high, but it is a fact that many vacancies are never published. How to find jobs that are not advertised? Be creative, make direct contact with employers through their websites and mail, and send impressive applications and resume. If you already have contacts in Norway, use them to get the latest information about finding the high paying jobs.


Employment in Norway

Norway is a country that provides lots of opportunities to the deserving applicants. For a residential permit in this country, people would require applying in the Norwegian embassy. In addition to this, a work permit is the basic requirement that a candidate must have. Norway is a country that has offered a lot of opportunities to the people who are hard working, responsible and dedicated.

A lot of jobs are available in the fishing industry and the petroleum industry in Norway. Lets have a look at the various fields where high paying job opportunities are available in the country.

Norway ! The best place to live on the planet

  • Computer Programmers: This job profile incorporates creation of different programs and troubleshooting them whenever required. The candidate for this post must hold an associate degree along with a certification of a specific course, in order to master that field. The starting salary package of a computer programmer is $60,700 per year, which may vary as per company norms.
  • Mechanical Engineers: This job profile engages a candidate in the creation and production of mechanical equipments. The use and repair of machines vary as per the consumer requirements and necessities. The starting salary package of mechanical engineers is $68,800 per year.
  • Electrical Engineers: People in this line of work are involved in creation, development and repair of electrical appliances and their annual salary starts from $75,094. This occupation also requires an associate degree along with a lot of dedication towards the job.
  • Personnel Managers: All the resource policies and activities in an organization are planned by a personnel manager. The candidate applying for this designation would require managing the development and implementation of all the policies and the starting salary package in this occupation is $78,000 per year.
  • Corporate Attorneys: Applicants in this field work in multinational companies and take care of consultation and other trial work. In addition to this, the legal matters which a company administers are also handled by the corporate attorneys. For this designation, an associate degree and some prior experience matters a lot. The starting salary package in this profession is $93,250 per year.
  • Physicians: The candidates in this profession deal with health care. They may be involved in private practices or in government jobs, as well, but candidates in this field need to do a lot of hard work. The starting salary package of applicants in this job profile is $147,405 per year.

Apply Online for Jobs in Norway

These days, the advent of technology has really helped candidates from different parts of the world to easily apply for jobs. There are numerous options in every particular sector and a person can easily look in for these options. The best way to find a highly paying job is to surf the job portals. There may be hundreds of portals listed on the web which present a huge assortment of alternatives for the applicants.

One just needs to make sure that job portal which he has chosen is recognized and guarantees fruitful results. Selecting a good job portal can facilitate people to have the benefit of applying for a highly paying job without any difficulty. One can simply upload the CV at the portal to enjoy the benefit of receiving latest updates of excellent job opportunities. So, if you also wish to apply for a job which can suit your requirements and pay a handsome salary as per your capabilities, then job portals are the one stop solution.


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    • profile image

      ajeena jacob 5 years ago

      hi sir , i am ajeena working as a registered nurse in saudi arabia.i did my diploma in nsg in keral , india.i am interested to work in norway .if there any vaccacy for nurses , please mail me . thank u

    • profile image

      rahul bhardwaj 6 years ago

      dear sir i am a quality supervisor in a manufacturing companies i have three year exp iam searching job in new zealand canada and norway

    • profile image

      ravi jha 6 years ago

      dear sir, my self ravi ranjan kumar jha. i appear iti +apprentish and i have 14 months exp.too in electrical field.i m looking for electrician helper job in uk.i m 23years old .please mail me any job u id is

    • profile image

      Kiran 6 years ago

      Hi I Completed My MBA and would like to work in Other contries on SAP.

    • profile image

      Ali 6 years ago

      Online Jobs In Norway are also amazing and high paying.

    • profile image

      Shailendra Yadav 6 years ago

      Hi i am into Human Resources & Administration Job would like to work in Norway , Australia & Canada.

    • profile image

      mirko 6 years ago

      Hi, Im a professional thief and I earn a looot of money :)

    • profile image

      Rahul Avatade 7 years ago


      I have been working as an Export Asst.Manager in Marketing and Logistics. Previously was working for Automotive Industry in sales and marketing. Total Exp of 7 years. My Email is

    • profile image

      NATARAJAN 7 years ago

      HELO //




    • profile image

      amanpreet 7 years ago

      hello,wants nursing job in oversease specially in australia, newzealand,norway gnm staff nursing diploma holder from india.with more than 2 year experience in ICU department in largest hospital in india.thank u .

      may mail id :