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Learn how to Use Keyword Research Tool- Long Tail Pro

Updated on April 20, 2016

Keywords are considered an important part of search engine optimization and the right keywords can get you higher positions in the search engines and significantly more traffic! For this reason, an extensive keyword search and analysis is crucial in SEO and should it rely on the help of different keyword tools.

One of these tools for keyword research, I would like to present in detail. The best Keyword Research Tool "Long Tail Pro", which is available in different versions Pro and Platinum, which I have the Platinum version used here.

The Keyword Research Tool Long Tail Pro

Keywords are the key to being found on the internet and to the success of one side, because if you optimize the right keywords, you get good positions in search engines and can get a lot of traffic on this! If you want good posts in a particular area in the search results, then you have to perform a corresponding keyword search and but find keywords with high search volume little competition.

With the appropriate tools, the keyword search can be simplified, and just as a keyword research tools for the keyword search I want to introduce in this article and clarify the functions.

Presented Best Keyword Research Tool - Long Tail Pro

The Keyword Tool "Long Tail Pro" is available in different versions, but I want to introduce here the Pro version and the features of this tool in more detail what this keyword tool can do and how to use it!

When you run the Long Tail keyword tool, first of all, create a new campaign, where you have to name the campaign and define the language and country:

After the initial settings, you can still specify the search and decide for or against search results, but also whether the keywords are to have a close relation to their specifications.

In the next step, you have to enter the relevant keywords to which then keyword suggestions are to be displayed, where you will also still add as many filters, which the keyword search yet refined many times.

If you want to find keywords for a brand new project and still does not have any domain to one can also equal to display the corresponding free areas have different endings, which can be set by you or you just select all out. The filter settings can then go further into the depths and display only certain keywords search volume, specific click rates, the number of words in the long tail keywords, etc.

Similarly, one can also set the filter for Domains and either can only search exact match domains, or keyword related domains, but both simultaneously. If you have all filters adjusted to your requirements, you start the keyword search, which then takes a little longer and if not in Google Adwords, a window appears where you will be prompted to log in Google Adwords.

Depending on how high to set the filter, then you get a lot, or only a few keywords will appear, which in this case was quite large and therefore only four keyword combinations were displayed. If you want to see each keyword competition in the first ten places, you just click on each keyword and then comes automatically in the next section and see the numbers 1 to 10 in the search results:

Here then you get data from the first ten search results displayed, which are the following:


• title

• Page Authority

• Page links

• Juice Page Links

• domain Authority

• mozRank

• PageRank

• Site Age

What's important to note that you can also set the search engine in the top 10 analysis (right under the Analyze button), and then the top 10 can be displayed in the various search engines! For the analysis, the Keyword Tool LongTailPro requires an SEO Moz API Key, which you can create for a free application directly via LongTailPro and only then do you get delivered the various data.

Moreover, you find also a rank checker in Long Tail Pro, where you can explore different URLs for different keywords and so can analyze the rankings of domains:

The status checker shows the respective rankings of the registered URLs and appropriate keywords in the three top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and here you can change the country for the Google search engine. The Keyword Tool LongTail Pro is, therefore, good support in the keyword search and you can, correctly used, collect a lot of information before you start a new project.

Long Tail Pro is now for $25 (Platinum Annual Plan) and $37 (Platinum Monthly Plan) however, it is the reasonable Prices of Long Tail, and thus we were able to save a lot of money quickly to determine for a great keyword tool. The only difference in the two versions is that the Annual Plan included FREE Access to Long Tail University.


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