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Best Long Tail Keyword Phrases to Use

Updated on April 15, 2012

if another site is using the same phrase with a higher page rank, decide whether to use another phrase or not

long tail keyword phrases make the internet world go around by linking customers to content they need to find. additionally, they make your wallet grow.
long tail keyword phrases make the internet world go around by linking customers to content they need to find. additionally, they make your wallet grow. | Source

ranking for Google Keywords is a consideration to make

Keywords are vital to creating content that works for search engine optimization and getting good page rank. The right page ranking in search engines directs traffic to your content and gets you a sale with customers or page views which can increase your income. It is important to decide which long term keyword phrases to use to achieve the most for your writing investment. Whether you are writing for affiliate marketing, blogs or articles around the web finding the best long term keyword phrases to use will increase your income.

Keywords alone will not be extremely helpful to your search engine optimization. Critical to success is long tail keyword phrases. These are keywords essential to working the ultimate search engine optimization. Having a resource to help find long tail keywords is a resource that a writer cannot do without.

Long tail keywords are defined as three or more keywords in a combination. These are search terms that will be a focus for less search engine traffic than more general search terms. This sounds like a negative contradiction, but it is not. The less traffic you have searching for the content the more likely you will receive focused traffic along with less competition from other articles or blog posts for the long tail keyword phrases.

Reviewing long tail keywords phrases to determine which one to use

Evaluating long term keyword phrases and determining which ones to use for your content means discovering the number of searches being performed for the phrase each month by readers, which sites are using the phrase and where other pages using the phrase are ranked with search engines. Follow these instructions for evaluation and decision.

These are things that need to be weighed for consideration before deciding to use the phrase;

· Which phrases are receiving the highest search volume and CPC

· Check each long tail keyword phrase in the search engine you would like your page to rank in

· How many other pages of content will you compete with using this particular long tail keyword phrase

· If other pages are using the long tail keyword phrases you are considering, what is their page rank? Compare their rank to your page rank. Which is higher?

· If the phrase suits your purposes optimize your page of content for this long term keyword phrase. This means the other page in competition has a lower page rank

· If the phrase does not meet your needs based on other competition pages using the phrase has a page ranked higher, go back and grab another phrase and begin the process again.

Note: If your competition is only a few or none this is the ideal spot to be in for long tail keyword phrases and regardless of ranking you may see quite a bit of traffic if the searches are high for this particular long tail keyword phrase.

Tools for assessing keyword phrases

For assessing search volume and CPC use the Google AdWords tool. This is easy to navigate and completely free to use.

For gauging the pages in competition with your long tail keyword phrase the Market Samurai is ideal. The strength of competition from other webpages is easy to find and follow. Although you only receive a free 7 day trial, for any serious writer for search engine optimization the $97 is worth investing for the full access to Market Samurai.

Long tail keywords are vital to seo, great search engine results and successful affiliate marketing. Locating and assessing long tail keywords will increase traffic which in turn will increase your online income from your freelance writing.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      I had not heard that before "long tail keyword". I most used one word. I will begin to use the 2 or more words you suggest. Thank you for this information. Voted up and useful.