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Best Making Money Online Strategy

Updated on July 20, 2012

Best Way of Making Money Online

Today, the world wide web present infinite opportunities of making money online and if you are looking for an opportunity make a couple of bucks, making a living or even get rich by doing business online, you will have to become an expert in the issue in order to find out which method will work effectively.

Millions of people worldwide dream to find the gold opportunity of making money online working just a couple of minutes a day but, I will tell this, making good money online can be as easy as doing so offline or can be as hard as doing so offline also.

Allow me to make my point here. Most of us have dreamed in some point of our lives to be our own boss, to conquer financial freedom, to be financially independent. Am I right? But why over 65% of businesses owners fail their businesses within the first 12 months of existence and when 94% fail within 5 years of operation?

The answer is simple, most entrepreneurs go on with their dream idea thinking on the thousands or even millions of dollars that they will be making shortly after their businesses have being opened. In other words, most entrepreneurs think in the end result of the business before considering all the challenges that they will have to go through before hitting success and financial freedom.

This means that most entrepreneurs don't have a clear, concise, realistic business plan for their business ideas and when the first testes comes around to challenge their businesses strengths, the businesses are not prepared and consequently, the businesses go under water.


Most businesses fail due to the lack of a strategic business plan, no cash flow, poor location, bad product or service, poor customer service support, lack of a clear vision, no proper education or experience of the business idea.

What this have to do with making money online?

Simple, just like an offline business, an online business must have a good strategic planning in place, the entrepreneur must have enough money to invest, must have cash flow to invest in the business marketing so that the business online can be found by the internauts worldwide (location).

Just like the offline business, the online business needs to be well elaborated, planned and well executed. The entreprenuer won't success online if he (she) doesn't have a clear vision of where they want to go and how they are going to get there.

So going back to the initial question, what is the best way of making money online? Once again, it will depend of whether you have a plan or not to execute your business idea.

One thing I can tell you for sure, you won't make any money online if you are not committed to succeed, if you don't have a clear plan, if you are not prepared to work hard and invest some money to it.

In conclusion, the best way to make money online is to work with something that you believe in, something that you know about and you are good at and that you enjoy doing.

For example: You can make great money blogging, writing articles, building websites, selling online, having a virtual store, reselling other's products and services. In other words, you can really good money online if you dedicate yourself to it and take action.

Any get rich quickly idea won't help you to do that because they are all scams. Don't fall on that trap, be smart and look for genuine businesses opportunities offers but be prepared to work hard and then you will succeed.

Good luck you all!!


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