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Best Math Related Careers in 2010

Updated on February 20, 2010
Math jobs are bringing in surprisingly large amounts of money this year. But which ones pay the best?
Math jobs are bringing in surprisingly large amounts of money this year. But which ones pay the best?

Are Math Geeks Getting the Best Jobs?

When you were in school, you might have though kids who liked math were nerds. Now it seems that us math geeks are adding up the cash as well as the numbers. Math related careers are some of the highest paying today, along with having very safe and comfortable working environments. The salaries below are medians, meaning about half of people in that field make more. The careers listed are just a small sample of the many jobs for graduates majoring in math or a related field.


Median Salary: About $65,000 per year

College Majors: Mathematics, Statistics

Job Description: Statisticians use probability to create optimal samples for surveys and clinical trials. They can then analyze the results of these studies to project them to the population. The collection and analysis of data is vital for almost every industry, making statistical analysis an important part of many fields. Statistics can be used to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, the success of a new medicine, population changes, and the popularity of politicians. Statisticians can also forecast economic growth or decline, and project costs and financial risks for a company. Though very mathematically inclined, a large part of statistics is actually interpreting the numbers. Theoretical statisticians focus more on deriving new principles and formulas to be used for statistical analysis, while mathematical statisticians focus on using those formulas to help a company or organization analyze data.


Median Salary: About $55,000 per year

College Majors: Accounting

Job Description: Accountants use the mathematical principals related to finance and taxes to help consumers manage their money. These consumers are not limited to individuals. Many accountants work for large firms or businesses, keeping financial records and helping management to make important decisions. Accountants learn to aid in filing taxes. Using GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), they can analyze current profits and project future account balances.


Median Salary: About $83,000 per year

College Majors: Mathematics, Actuarial Science

Job Description:Actuaries work for businesses to calculate risk and potential loss. Using aspects of statistics, actuaries find the probability of certain financial events. Using these probabilities, they can help the organization formulate a plan to minimize loss. Actuaries often work in industries where risk plays a big part in the companies profit, such as the insurance industry. The job of an actuary is especially important during these tough economic times when everyone is looking to avoid losing money.


 Median Salary: About $100,000 per year

College Majors: Mathematics

Job Description: Mathematicians use math to solve important problems for businesses and international organizations. They often work to develop mathematical models for real-life events in areas such as biology and economics. Theoretical mathematicians search for new formulas and mathematical principles.


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    • profile image

      Math Lover 5 years ago

      I just love math; my future is relying on math-related profession :)

    • profile image

      brandon 6 years ago

      man, i just can't decide what i want to do with my life after college. i am a senior in high school taking two college credit math classes, algebra and ap calc. i have a 97% in calc for first semester and 3rd quarter and an 93% in algebra. i think math is really fun to do and solve but i just don't know what job i would like. currently i am applied to go become a math teacher, 55k, not much seeing i know i could easily be a mathematician, but i guess someone has to teach. any suggestions would be nice, but i have heard of some pretty rich math teachers at private schools.

    • profile image

      Emily 7 years ago

      I encourage anyone who is considering a career involving mathematics to follow their dreams. It is such a groundbreaking topic and interest of many individuals and will be a great future for anyone!!!!!:)

    • profile image

      Sandra 7 years ago

      I think math is such a great way for people to connect and it has alot to offer for students in the future as well. Great opportunities will arise.