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Best Online Backup Service

Updated on August 9, 2011

Online Backup

It's been a while since I started a new hub, but this one is on a topic dear to my heart.

I'm an IT teacher, computer troubleshooter and web designer. I can't tell you how many clients I've had whose computers have been damaged, broken, flooded, stolen, lost or otherwise destroyed.

I've had clients in tears, I've had clients who are chilled about the whole experience. The difference between them? Easy. Some had backups of their data and some didn't.

This hub is going to be about one thing - why you should use an online backup service.

This isn't a "do as I say not as I do" type hub - it's the real deal. I wouldn't sleep at night without my remote backup. I know the consequences of not using one - I've seen it with my own eyes.

Before starting this I used my old friend the Google keyword tool to see which terms people use when searching. One term stood out for me - "best online backup". It's strange, because many sites won't allow you to use the word best in the title of your articles, reviews, etc because they think it sounds spammy. I can see why - but it's the term that people use when searching.

People need "someone" (a random, unknown, internet "someone") to tell them what to do! They want "me" to tell them what's best. So - here it is - it's "best" to use an online backup service.

In the following modules I'll tell you why you should use one and many stories of what can happen if you don't. I don't need to make them up, I have a constant supply of clients who have learnt the hard way, have had narrow escapes or who came away from potential disaster smiling because they already had remote backups.


What Does Backup Mean?

Once you know the answer, it seems really obvious. Backup means have AT LEAST two copies of your file, photo, music or whatever. One can be on your computer and another one a DVD, memory stick, another computer or wherever. Preferably you should have at least 3 copies of your data - which is where your online backup service comes in.

You see what I mean about that being obvious? I'm sure you are sitting there feeling smug, thinking "I knew that". But do you?

I regularly have customers who tell me they will "backup" their photos and then remove them from their hard drive. STOPPPPPPPPPP. That's not backing up, is it? You will only have one copy. Suppose the DVD is damage? Suppose you lose the memory stick you put them on. NOOOOOOOO. If you want to remove data from your computer than you need to store it in at least 2 other places. By all means put it on that DVD or memory stick or external hard drive. But put it somewhere else too. A DVD and an external hard drive would be a good start. But saving them to a remote, off site, location using an online backup service is a safer option. Then if your computer and all it's accessories are stolen or destroyed, your precious data is safely stored elsewhere.

If you have highly confidential documents on your computer then you might not want to store them in a remote location that you don't control. In that case, use external backup media and keep them in a secure location.


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    • tmill99 profile image

      tmill99 6 years ago

      I've lost too much information by not backing things up and computer crashes. I'll check out the advice. Thanks

    • k9charlee profile image

      k9charlee 6 years ago

      Great advice - thanks for the great information.

    • paypalku profile image

      paypalku 6 years ago from Yogyakarta

      This hubs very useful for everyone who need online backup. Thanks for sharing.