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Best Reliable Online Shopping Sites for Women in India

Updated on April 28, 2014
Online Shopping in India
Online Shopping in India

I’m a big online shopping fanatic. I used to be wary about shopping online but the first purchase from changed it all. I realized you can shop safely and securely through the Web provided you do some research to ensure that the site you intend to shop from has got good reviews from customers. You can do so from Google by simply typing in the domain name and appending the word “reviews” to it. For example, if you want to search for reviews, head over to Google and type in the phrase “ reviews”. I am particularly very careful about purchasing online and I shop from a new site only after reading reviews.

After repeatedly purchasing from a number of online shopping sites, I have now stopped looking for new shopping hubs online. I mean I am pretty much satisfied by how these shopping sites offer their services so I never really felt the need to search for any new ones. If you are in India and new to online shopping, let me help you out and present the best online shopping sites. This page is written keeping female shopping enthusiasts in mind but guys too will be able to find stuff to shop for in some of the shopping sites (if not all).

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1. eBay

This is the site I did my first online shopping from. I got a hair straightener from here for a really good price. I was new to online shopping so I made sure that I purchased only from merchants with a 100% positive feedback. I still only purchase items from eBay sellers with a positive rating of over 90% -- the picky and choosy customer that I am! Picking a good seller is important because there are a lot of fraud sellers out there on eBay selling fake products.

I use mostly to shop for electronic items. I don’t really fancy the apparel and accessories they showcase on the site but you get pretty good deals for electronic appliances.

2. Myntra

I love the tops, kurtas and kurtis that are displayed on Myntra. I have purchased a number of items from this place which includes an Adidas jacket. I had to recently search for other online shopping sites to buy my tops, kurtas and other apparel from because Myntra stopped offering delivery services to my area. That’s totally understandable because I live in a rural area and not all courier companies offer their services here. I only purchase items from Myntra when I really REALLY like something and then I provide an address of a relative so that I can collect it from his place whenever I visit. This is kind of inconvenient but the best solution in case I want something really bad.

3. Yebhi

Once Myntra stopped offering delivery service to my area, I started searching for other options which led me to This website offers a large number of branded clothing for nice offers and discounts. I do feel that the selection is comparatively less to other shopping sites but you get pretty good deals here so that’s a plus.

4. Jabong

I love Jabong! Like Myntra, Jabong doesn’t offer delivery services to my area but in spite of that I have found myself shopping a lot of stuff from here lately. I love their selection of clothes. I’m pretty picky when it comes to choosing apparel and whenever I want to buy something really pretty or stylish I head over to Jabong. You also get some branded items like designer sarees from Indian fashion designers at affordable rates. It is here that I bought my first Anita Dongre top from and I’m absolutely in love with it.

5. Flipkart

Flipkart is your one stop shop for books! You can get a range of styling tools from this shopping site as well. I mainly use Flipkart for purchasing books but recently I bought a hair dryer (the Remington d5020) from this shop and I am pretty much happy with the price, the customer service (especially the shipping time; they’re fast!) and the product.

6. Zovi

Zovi is different. They manufacture their own products and I love how professional their services are. The items sold include apparel, accessories and more. They are slowly but surely increasing their product lines and displaying more stuff on their site. I had purchased a black top from this site which is a pretty good party top. The earrings shown on this site are kind of too big for me and I wish they would make smaller variations because the designs are really good. I love their necklace pieces though – very trendy!

7. Urban Touch

Urban Touch is a site I frequent in case I need to restock my makeup. I got my first Maybelline BB cream and Maybelline Colossal Kajal from this site. I love both of these products by the way. The Maybelline BB cream is all you need if you've to head out somewhere quickly. Just dab a bit of this cream on your face and use some powder and you're good to go! The fresh, clean look stays for a long time. The colossal kajal is smudge free and waterproof -- just perfect for rainy days. Another site I use is They too have a good collection and I usually head over to this site when I want to purchase any Max Factor makeup items. Some of these high branded makeup items are not available near where I stay so I'm really glad that I'm able to purchase them from an online store at least.

8. Be Stylish

If you're a shoe fanatic, then this is the place to shop from online! You will see a large collection of absolutely gorgeous footwear that are affordable and stylish at the same time. I have not purchased from this site till now because I am not much into shoes. I purchase only when my old pair wears down. A lot of my friends have purchased from this site and they absolutely love the service. This is where I am going to do my shopping from next time I need a new set of high heeled shoes!


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      Sonal Sant 5 years ago

      One particular online shopping site that stands out from the rest is, They have exclusive corporate Kurtas for Office Wear. I have been a regular buyer fromthere.