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Great Two Tier Program

Updated on December 24, 2010

Two tier programs

Paid to refer (also known as two tier programs) programs are a great opportunity for those looking to get some extra money into their pockets. Some of these programs pay as much as $50 per referral (depending on circumstances). The following list is a list of programs that I find to best suit the title of best paid to refer programs.

Two tier programs have the potential of earning a massive amount of money. If done correctly, it is possible to build a promising future with these programs.

CPA Park two tier program
CPA Park two tier program

CPA Park

CPA Park is an affiliate program that has two types of people you can refer to their site. You can refer people to do the exact same thing you are doing, which would mean they sign up for the affiliate program of CPA Park, or you can refer advertisers to this site. Is pretty simple and easy because most good paid to refer sites are based on email marketing. Email marketing is a lot harder because not everyone has a huge email list, but anyone has the tools necessary to advertising simply by placing a link on the internet.

When you refer people to this website, you use three links that they prepare for you. All three of these links are affiliate links, but they each have different destinations.

1.One link is an affiliate link that leads to the home page of the website.

2.The second link is an affiliate link that leads to those wanting to sign up for the affiliate program.

3.The last link is an affiliate link that leads to the advertisers sign up.

Benefits of Referring People

Referring people not only pays you once you refer them, you also get paid 5% of what they make. That's basically for the affiliate marketer sign ups. For the advertising sign ups, once you refer someone that wants to be an advertiser to the site and they have an offer that they want to sell, you earn a commission from the amount they earned in their campaign as well. This two tier program has made a name for itself early in the game, as it is a relatively new program. Affiliates earn a great deal of money when they use this program correctly. All you have to do is refer people. If you aren't into the affiliate marketing program scene, you can always sign up for the advertisers program as well.

Free Traffic System Two Tier Program

This two tier program is basically focused on advertising and free one way backlinks. They have a great product to promote and they want to pay you to do it for them. Why not take advantage of this program? You earn money and free backlinks automatically. This program has many features that makes it so easy to make money with this website. Earnings are completely outstanding and can be done by anyone, no matter if they are beginners of the affiliate programs or a pro at it.

This program may show up in your spam if you sign up for it using Google or Yahoo, but I don't know about the other programs. This program also uses its affiliates to market its program on the internet, which makes it really easy to make money online using this program.


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    • easyspeak profile image

      easyspeak 8 years ago from Vancouver

      This is a modernized MLM - multi-level marketing. Just want to say that there is nothing wrong with a legitimate MLM and being part of referral programs like this is one of them.

      Thanks for the informative hub! I'm going to start thinking about adding referrals to my portfolio of income streams. When I start, I'll be sure to come back and sign up for CPA Park through your hub.