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Best Smartphone Franchise

Updated on August 29, 2013
Smartphones and tablets are gaining more and more popularity. It is estimated that in the near future they will replace about 80% of today's computers.
Smartphones and tablets are gaining more and more popularity. It is estimated that in the near future they will replace about 80% of today's computers. | Source
Everyone uses smartphones. A smartphone franchise is a sound investment. It's also one of the top opportunities for anyone looking to start their own business.
Everyone uses smartphones. A smartphone franchise is a sound investment. It's also one of the top opportunities for anyone looking to start their own business. | Source

Why buy a franchise?

When you buy a franchise, you actually buy a business. With that business, you buy into a lot of know-how that's been gained over the years. The brand offering the franchise has gone through a lot of trial and error to develop a top performing business plan.

Just think about it this way. Most businesses that are started usually fail within the first 5 years.

This is not the case when you get a franchise. With a franchise, you get a working business model along with all the procedures and training needed for your personnel.

Buying a franchise usually means buying a piece of a highly known brand with their business practice and their philosophy.

This is an example of a highly successful franchise. For a small fee, you get an 360° isle with a lot of selling options.
This is an example of a highly successful franchise. For a small fee, you get an 360° isle with a lot of selling options. | Source

An Introduction To The Company

QuickMobile - A Successful Mobile Phone Franchise

QuickMobile is a growing company that started with a simple store in 2004 and it had only 6 employees. By 2012 it managed to grow to an outstanding size, owning about 40 stores with over 120 employees and generating a revenue of over 30 million euro.

Buying into this franchise gets you the QuickMobile 360 degree isle-type mobile phone shop. This is a cool concept which allows you to maximize the selling space. No other type of shop uses rent space more efficiently than this. It features optimized shelf space while minimizing the required physical space needed for the store. Typical stores have their merchandise arranged near walls, but this isle features a centered selling point with every product within view and reach distance.

The best thing is... pretty much anyone can start up a QuickMobile shop. The advantages are numerous. With a small investment, you'll buy into a million dollar stable business which works time and time again.


Why Open a Smartphone Franchise?

Smartphones are everywhere and more and more people use them. Whether it's for games or business, these are the next thing.

We are moving towards a world where smartphones are slowly but surely replacing computers. The more a smartphone can do, the less you need a computer. It is estimated that in a few years time, smartphones will replace about 80% of all computers.

The fact is smartphones, like computers, are evolving everyday. We've reached a point where some of the top smartphones today have the specifications of most computers two years ago, and this is only the start. As technology reaches new heights, it's only a matter of time before smartphones will take over the personal computing niche.

It makes sense that the best franchise to get into is a smartphone franchise. Not only will you be providing a product everyone wants, but you have the chance to provide the latest smartphone models along with the best accessories for them.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Now I know what you might be thinking. Making such an investment can be scary for some, and surely owning a business is not for everyone. A lot of people try to open up businesses everyday and most of these will likely fail, because success means sacrifice, it means being able to learn from past mistakes and implement change for the better based on the lessons learned.

If you're completely new to doing business and franchising, you might want to consider purchasing a book first and do a bit of research before jumping in head-on.

The Educated Franchisee is a good starting book which can teach you all you need to know about owning a franchise which can increase your personal wealth. How to assess franchises and how to find quality franchisors.

It will also teach you about being prepared to start such an endeavor and what most franchisors look for in a potential business partner.

Other topics you will encounter in the book might cover information about how you can make sure the franchise you buy into actually makes money and how to minimize failure risks, how to choose the best franchise and "the five keys" to owning a franchise.

How To Start A Franchise

Decided on starting your very own franchise? Here are a few steps you will go through before you even get to open up your own shop.

The first thing you should decide upon is the type of franchise you wish to open. There are a lot of business opportunities available and this is perfect time to do your own research in the matter.

Next on the list is selecting the franchise owner you wish to work with. There different things you get when working with different franchise owners. The initial investment also differs from one franchise to the next and so does the time it takes you to get a full return on your initial investment. Another thing you have to take into account is the learning period. With each franchise comes a sort of a "manual", a training procedure you need to go through to understand the inner workings of the business.

The next step on the list is to make the business plan. This is where all the numbers come into play, everything you spend and your projected returns. After you raise the capital you need to start the franchise, you should head to the franchise representative and start working on the finer details of the operation. Also, this is the time to sign the papers and "shake hands". This is the best time to ask question if anything is unclear. After this point there is little chance to back out.

Next you need to follow all the training procedures that were offered by the owner to fully understand how the business operates.

Now's the time to find a location where you'll set up shop. Preferably you should rent a location since you'll be spending less initally. Make sure you meet the franchise requirements before you decide upon a new location. Once the location is a done deal, you'll be moving in all the furniture needed for the shop as well as the needed equipment. Make sure you have everything you need before moving onto the next step.

Now you bring in the employees and start their training. You need to go through all the procedures with them so they fully understand what they need to do.

It's time to start worrying about your inventory since this is the heart of your business. This is when you order the merchandise and it's also a good time to start advertising for your brand new shop.

All you have to do now is open the franchise. Make sure you invite press representatives so they write up an article about your shop to raise awareness.

Opening up a franchise of your own implies you learn a lot of new concepts which will help you run a successful business.
Opening up a franchise of your own implies you learn a lot of new concepts which will help you run a successful business. | Source

Voting time!

Would you open up a franchise or start a business from scratch?

See results

Would you prefer to start a franchise or your own business?

The question is simple: Would you prefer to start your own business or to get into franchising?

The fact is that when you start your own business, you literally start from scratch. There will be mistakes, and there will be consequences for those mistakes. Having your own successful business means you've already went through the trial and error period, you've refined the business model to a working one and are constantly generating profit. Now while this might apply for some, not everyone is cut from the same cloth.

If you buy into a franchise, you get everything you need to be successful, starting from branded materials, to training and good business practices. You get the whole successful business experience without the extensive learning period it took the franchise owner to develop the business.

So what would you prefer? Vote in the poll for your choice: own a business or get a franchise?

Got a question? Need to add something? Comment below!

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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 

      5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      A great read! Voted up and shared. Food for thought, that is for sure. To me, a franchise is too much like a real job, being my own boss? Not as profitable, yet everyone around me is happier, ha. It makes sense smartphones will out do the computers soon, in the cities anyway. Us that live in rural areas don't get good enough cell tower reception to give up our laptops and desktops yet. Interesting.

    • toknowinfo profile image


      5 years ago

      I owned a franchise over 20 years ago, and would never do it again. The corporation takes money off the top, not the net of your sales. They like telling you what to do, and penalize you if you don't do it their way. In some respects, a franchise with a formula that works will breed success. That is the idea behind the franchise. But you lose your emotional freedom, and some of your financial freedom. This concept seems interesting, but I have my doubts because of my own experiences. It is a good idea to talk to other franchise owners to see how they feel about being in this business and get all the pros and cons. Everything has pros and cons. As for me, the only franchise I will ever own would be an NFL football franchise. It is a fantasy, but I love football and passion has a lot to do with success!

    • idigwebsites profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      It's like a kiosk.. that's a very good idea! If you are very determined and have what it takes to have a successful business, you'll have a good chance of succeeding. Besides, investment for a smartphone franchise is small compared to setting up a shop. Location is also important. :)

    • mr-veg profile image


      5 years ago from Colorado United States

      I too believe franchising is good but the cost upfront seems to be a but high.. but not at all a bad idea and very well presented.. !!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Voted Up and Useful! Very informative and appealing. I'd bethinking about franchising if I could. The "everything you need to be successful" bit is tempting. Based on your article, I'd say it's the way to go!


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