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Best Tuition free Universities

Updated on July 4, 2012

Tuition-Free Universities Available Online

Education has taken a new shape in this age and time. People are no longer studying in schools but online. The best thing is that a lot of people are realizing that online education is much cheaper compared to the system we are used to. It is greatly arguable that by 2030, people will no longer be schooling in physical schools but online. Well, believe it or not more people are taking their education online and the number is growing by each passing day. It’s wise that you don’t get left behind and join this great revolution that is taking the education sector by storm.

In this hub I will greatly concentrate in naming some of the best online learning institutions that offer distance learning. Before we go on any further, please note that inquiring fully about the university or college before joining one is very important in distance learning. Do not enroll in any university without getting enough details about them. Keep in mind that there are cons in the market as well so a keen eye will save you from losing your money to crooks.

1.University of the People (UoPeople)

It is argued to be the first Online University that is almost (Tuition Free) in the world. Well, it’s not the first but it’s the best. What’s amazing is that in the first six months of its launch 2 years ago, over 200 students registered with the university. This university is a good one compared to many that are online in many ways. One thing you should know about UoPeople is that it is not an accredited institution but it is world recognized. This happens to be the only tricky part about this university that is totally based online. Students who study at this university enjoy a good online learning environment that contains all the resources a student requires to finish their higher education. The main courses this institution offer include

·Business Administration

·Computer Science

The university is proud to be sponsored by United Nations, Partners of a New Beginning, Ashoka, OpenCourseWare Consortium, HP (Hewlett & Packard), Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Maker, New York University & finally Yale University Law School ISP. If you ask me I think this is enough accreditation to get you a job in any organization. At least you can apply for a job with one of the sponsors in the list. Those who wish to join this university should not be discouraged since the University is in a bid to get accredited in U.S.A. Well it’s still unclear when the university will be accredited but very much recommendable for those who wish to study online for their distance courses and those seeking cheap higher education in general. The link to the University is at the end of the Hub

2.ALISON (Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online)

If you ask me, this is among one of the best Online Colleges found on the internet. This institute has its headquarters based in Scotland. Alison offers over 350 courses for you plus what’s more is that IT’S FREE! I am pursuing some courses with the Institute and I totally love it. The lessons are so easy to grasp and has a very supportive community as well. The only fee you will ever pay for the Institute is for the Certificate only. They offer Certificates, Diplomas and Bachelor’s Degrees in selective fields. The institute is accredited in Scotland. Registration to this institution is free and you can do as many courses as you like and checkout all your certificates at once when you feel its enough! You will get a link to the site at the end of this hub so keep reading.

3.Eden Institute of Management

This is another great educational Institute found online. It has a lot of online resources that will help you study in peace and at your own pace. However, this institute is not accredited in Ireland where it’s located. It is recommendable since it’s not expensive when studying online and they offer Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees in the following fields

·Security Management

·Business Administration


The learning environment is unique, good and very relaxing and you get to learn at your own pace. The Institute is in partnership with a few sponsors who offer help and assistance. What’s exciting is that students who apply to study degrees in distance learning program of the institute get awarded free laptops to use in their studies. You should probably visit their site and see. I think you should know that I am doing some courses at the institute which means that I trust them. You will find a link to their site at the end of this hub.

4.Global Courses

If there is any cheaper higher education institution on the internet then it’s Global Courses! The website is dynamic and very appealing to visitors. In fact it is one of the best institutions I have come across on the internet. You might ask why and I will tell you why. This institute is so far the cheapest in terms of fees. Tuition is offered FREE OF CHARGE and you only get to pay for Registration. Their rates are as follows

Diploma - $18

Degree - $40

Believe me it can’t get any better than this. I love everything about them since everything is there to assist you in your online studies at a cheap fee. I don’t know if they have any physical location but what I do know is that they are in partnership with different institutions which offer certification in programs you take. One of the certification institutes in partnership with global courses is Eden Institute of Management. Keep in mind that the registration fee might change with time in the future so it’s best you grab a spot with them as soon as you read this. There is a link to lead you to their site at the end of this hub

5.E-learning Center

I once enrolled with this center and I loved what they offered. Most of their classes are offered through newsletters and emails but hey, it’s worth it. I am still not sure if the center is accredited in any country but it is a great learning center that offers over 350 courses just like ALISON. Their programs are great and they do offer certificates for all of their courses. I suggest you take a look at their site soonest for more details.

6.About University

This is one of the most argued learning institutions found online. The institution is based online and just like E-learning Center, they offer their studies through correspondence, emails and newsletters. I took a Web Design course with them but dropped it with time because I couldn’t keep up with reading my mails daily. On my own point of view, the site is all about articles of “How to” and “About” as its own name suggests. This makes it hard to verify if their learning materials are written by experts or authors who are in the market just to make a living! Remember that the internet is full of junk information. Anyway it’s up to the students to judge this institution. I like the fact that you get certification for the courses completed. Check out the institute at the end of the hub.


I have almost exhausted all of the best tuition free learning centers on the internet. Its now up to you to join the one you find appropriate. However, make good inquiry about the institutions through contacting them personally and from other accreditation institutions that you can get. Please keep in mind that the author of this hub has no affiliation whatsoever with the institutions and thus making him “BLAME FREE” of any mis-happenings that may occur.

Use the links below to connect to the institutions and please share your comments in order to let others know what you think.


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    • Sulayman Loop profile imageAUTHOR

      Sulayman Wanambisi 

      6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I agree with you on this issue. I think that its more business than academics.

    • yeagerinvestments profile image

      Shawn Yeager 

      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      I feel like our educational system has become too commercialized and cheapens the whole experience. Thanks for the information.


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