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Best Ways to Look Relaxed During a Job Interview

Updated on January 27, 2014

The select few chosen for an interview are special in our current job market atmosphere.

Getting a job interview says a lot about you. there are so many people striving for so few positions and getting this far in the process means the position is close at hand. make certain your interview process goes well by looking relaxed
Getting a job interview says a lot about you. there are so many people striving for so few positions and getting this far in the process means the position is close at hand. make certain your interview process goes well by looking relaxed | Source
Try to stay relaxed. This is difficult to do, but do it as much as possible the day before. It will help ease the nervous stress.
Try to stay relaxed. This is difficult to do, but do it as much as possible the day before. It will help ease the nervous stress.

Feelings of panic, relief, stress and other emotions are normal when you learn you got the job interview you desired. how you handle them are important

Searching for a job is very stressful. There is a lot to get done. You need a resume built. Not just any resume, but the one that doesn’t wind up in the trash pile. After sending them to the right employer at the right time and making certain the stars in the sky are all aligned just right, you might gain the attention of the right person in the company for the position you want. After all of this hard work, you get a job interview. That interview is the difference between getting the employment position of your dreams or another failure in the field. Don't worry.

You are certainly in the right place to make great things happen. Start with looking relaxed during one of the most stressful times in your life. It is possible to pull it off, even if you do not feel it.

Worry before the process

This is the place where the feelings of both panic and relief come in. The confirmation you received the sit down or face to face with the proposed employer triggers both. Never relay the nervousness and knotting in the stomach as you consider the job opportunity during an interview process. Be as relaxed as possible. Even if you are not, look the part by following these techniques.

It takes a lot of work to get the opportunity to sit across from a hiring manager to showcase yourself and have them offer you the position you desire. Having the precise mindset to handle the entire process with ease is vital. An acceptable and proper attitude is important and looking as stress free as possible is the most spot on approach during the entire experience. Finding ways to make that happen is the key to success.

Have solid talking points in order

One great trick of the trade is holding on to solid talking points for the person you are communicating with. This will display a calm demeanor and relaxed outlook. Hiring managers understand some of the apprehension the interviewees have and how you handle it is important.

The best way to approach this is having too much info available for discussion. This means over preparing and being set for any questions coming your way. Have an enormous amount of material on hand about the company and if possible, the person you will be conversing with. This ensures no awkward moments of silence which adds to levels of unease. There will be something to fill in the silence if you have talking points on hand to gather at will.

Having lots of material to select from will not convert to talking too much. It simply gives you an arsenal of subject matter to choose from if needed.

Review the skills outlined in the job description more than once and have at least two examples of how you validate each one with your personal knowledge and experience. This helps keep down "shooting from the hip" and accidentally answering questions with errors that could cost you dearly.

Just like you are able to “Google” the company, do the same with the hiring professional. They may have the same alumni as you or even be part of some of the same charitable organizations you volunteer with. This will give you ammunition for polite conversation away from the work place if the chance arises.

Practice makes perfection

Prepare answers and practice responses continually. Do not take your this encounter lightly. Take every one seriously and put in the work needed to make each one the best possible. Whether this is the twentieth one or the two hundredth one, ensure you are over prepared.

Practicing makes your answers come easier and with less nervousness. Your voice and the words you speak are less strained and your body language is also better.

Be prepared for everything and anything and you will feel the positive effects.

Body language

Body language is communicated much more than anyone ever imagines. You could be saying one thing and your body language is saying the complete opposite. Practice body language that makes you appear relaxed with anyone you have a conversation with. Doing this exercise with friends and family to start with is a great idea.

How you sit, stand, cross your legs or move your hands all play a part in looking relaxed and at ease with what you are conveying at all times while this event takes place.

View yourself in a mirror while you rehearse your interview to see what your body language looks like. Make the necessary changes before the big day.

Conversation versus interrogation

Imagine the entire show as a conversation and not an interrogation. This means imagine you are interviewing the company as they do the same to you. A conversation means back and forth with questions and answers. You should establish a flow and ebb to the discussion which reveals comfort and relaxation while discussing matters.

Even if the hiring manager has the tone of interrogation, keep your conversation state of mind.

Take a deep breathe

Taking a few deep breathes as you walk into the room will aid in relaxing your body. Take a breath deep into your lungs that will make your stomach move in and out. Do not hyperventilate while trying to take them. Though, getting that little bit more of oxygen flowing in and out is a wonderful relaxation technique.

Breathing in this manner will release stress from muscles and joints all over the body.

Stop down playing yourself

Lots of people will have that little voice inside of their head continually giving negative thoughts right before you start the process. Don’t fret about what you decided to wear and if your makeup or haircut is the right stuff. Talk yourself up.

Downplay or eliminate the negativity and validate the positive aspects you have. Turn that nagging voice away and give yourself the credit you deserve. Remember you are good enough to get this far and tell yourself it will go well today and you have the ability and expertise to do the job well.

Do not focus on what you do not have. Spend that time on positive thoughts of what you do have. The difference is extraordinary for boosting self confidence.

Work out

Some people will work out before this type of encounter to get rid of the tension and worry beforehand. If you are scheduled to meet in the afternoon, the morning is a good time to exercise out at a gym or even at home.

Working out or exercising will release tension, tightness and stiffness you receive after being notified it will take place. If you have a morning appointment scheduled, work out the day before. Releasing tautness within 24 hours with a work out will still be beneficial for your body and make you look more relaxed.

In conclusion

There are more than a number of ways to make this meeting go well. Looking relaxed during a job interview says a lot to the hiring personnel meeting with you. It will convey a person without anxiety, the ability to handle pressure situations well and worry and nervousness are certainly less likely to show.

It's hard to believe, but no one enjoys doing it. Not the hiring manager or the interviewee. This event is way down on the list of things you like to do with your day.

Make the most of it with the right attitude and know how. Some of the material discussed is common sense or know how. While others are new and useful. No matter what, take it all in and use it to your advantage f possible.Take these steps to make certain things go well for you and as planned on your road to success with your new position.

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