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Best Ways to Make Money Online From Home

Updated on July 31, 2013

Why People start Writing Online?

In these harsh times of the biggest economic crisis since the stock market break in the 1930s, people are desperately seeking for new ways and possibilities of earning some extra income. Some possibilities are lying just under your nose, you just have to notice them and give them enough attention.

But be aware, since nothing comes easy in life, this also will not. The internet offers us a wide spread of possibilities, among which some of the most popular ones are earning some extra cash. How, you ask? Well, keep reading and you will find out as I give you some of the best ways to make money online.

Freelance Writing

If you are a thrill writer, or even a freelance writer, you can throw your knowledge onto the small screen and share it with the world. Of course after you have written the text, you have to find people who will be interested in buying your written, or typed if you like, texts. Be aware that those people who are searching online for freelance writers, like yourself in this case, are pretty particular in their demands.

Most of them will be seeking for such texts which would include specific keywords and key phrases, which you as a writer will have to employ into your texts in order to get them sold to your potential buyers. Let me explain - if your buyer is interested in marketing special discount vacations to Paris and wants to attract potential customers to his website, where your sold text will be published, your text must include such keywords as for example: Paris on discount prices, cheap prices Paris, enjoy the Eiffel Tower for only €100.00, etc.

You have to put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and write as if you were advertising a particular product or service to yourself.

Make Money with Your Own Websites

One of the best ways to make money online without even paying a dime yourself, is to join some free platform websites, which allow you to post your own thoughts on specific subjects or even reviews of particular services or products online, without paying the platform offers any money. Such platform websites are for example Hubpages, Squidoo, Zujava, etc.

You should really check them out if you are interested in such a business adventure online. But be aware, be patient, since at first you will have to drive traffic to your websites yourself, because without any traffic you will not earn any money. Such websites, let's focus on Squidoo for this particular case, pay its members a small portion of their earnings, which they distribute among their members regarding how successful they are in writing rich content (remember what I mentioned in the previous paragraph about keywords and key word phrases) and how much traffic are they able to bring to their websites.

That is the main goal. If you are really successful, you can earn even about 50 to 80 dollars a month per website, which includes some photos and at least 500-word articles. But as I said, traffic and potential visitors are most important.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

If I relate to the previous paragraph, I have to mention the term "affiliate marketing", which means that you start writing reviews on particular products and offer your own view and input on them, for what you can get paid by the seller of such products. Of course if you and him come to such agreement and he pays you let's say a commission of 10% for each sale he makes from a visitor to your website, which pointed him to the seller's website and product. Just imagine, if you for example wrote a review about a biker leather jacket for men, which has the price of $500.00 and just one customer of your website bought it, you would gain $50.00 for absolutely doing nothing, except advertising a product someone else owns. It is that easy, and it is called passive income.

Never Give Up

Remember, whatever you decide to do online to make money online, whether is it one of those best ways to make money online I mentioned or something else, be sure to research first, before you start writing, advertising or whatever. And do not give up, be patient, because money will most definitely not start pouring in right away, but it will take time. And when money start coming, do no expect to earn $500.00 in your first payment month. Slowly but gradually you will get the hang of it. Never give up!

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