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Best and Most Popular Careers in USA 2015

Updated on October 3, 2015

An overview to popular profession:

With the passage of time many societies have grown and passed through evolution. During this evolution many changes have been brought out in the employment and economy. Woman has played a major role in certain fields in health care and housing etc.

The most frequent development has been made in technological department which has left the people to explore new jobs.

Generically some careers become popular due to some striking features like TV shows on interior design or veterinary hospitals etc.Media has played a vital role in providing best jobs.

Certain areas in which there are chances to grow rapidly in the US, Canada and the UK are discussed below here is brief discussion about different best jobs.

Dental Hygienist is basically a job to assist dentist in maintaining records and treating patients. Basic salary of a dental assistant is $72,380.

Network Systems Analysts deals inorganizations seeking installation and maintenance of networked communications and also resolve the issues regarding networked computer technology. The salary includes $70,000.

Physician's Assistant assistants in diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative healthcare services, as overseen by a physician. Physician's Assistant’s salary is $88,000.Beside it medical assistant are also growing very fast who work in the offices of physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, ophthalmologists and other health practitioners.

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians work in keepingrecords that might include patient medical history, symptoms, treatments; tests etc.Their salary is round about $55,000.

Software Engineers are growing rapidly as there is demand for technology. They usually work to design and develop new computer software systems. Beside it Database administrators are also working to recover and present data. Median Salary: $120,000

Physical Therapist Aides helpindividuals who are disable or having restricted physic in growth. Their gross salary includes $45,000.

Fitness Trainers are basicallyaerobics instructors and fitness trainers who trained individuals in exercise activities. This profession has also been one of the best professions growing faster now days. Their salary ranges from $55,000 to $100,000.

Veterinary Technicians work over animal’s life in order to provide best healthcare to animals. They perform test and diagnose medical condition of animals they also work over domestic pet surgeries, livestock management, wildlife medicine, or pharmaceutical sales or biomedical research.

Accountant basically helps in maintaining financial records .Median salary: $90,630.

Statistician works with statistical analysis and problem solving in both the public and private sectors. Median Salary: $90,720

Paralegal Assistant prepares legal documents and collects affidavits for senior persons in officially authorized profession. Median salary: $86,120.

Mathematician is expected to complete the tasks given to them regarding business and complicated worldwide issues Median salary: About $130,000.

Biologist is scientist who works in labs and research on living organism and their relation to their environment. They basically study animal’s structure their migration patterns study smalls cells of animals and also DNA structure. Median salary: $110,320.

Actuary is registrar who manages all the calculation of events and further plantings of different companies. They also cope with the risky financial situations of companies. Medium salary: $182,800.

Top Most Popular Careers in USA

1 Software engineer:

In this fast growing time when technology is over veiling all the fields, Software engineers are prominent as essential part of the economy and thus making this career the most dominating and fast growing career of USA.Some fields like designing, developing and testing computer programs requires some extraordinary math skills and creativity in solving problems. After having these skills one can tolerate all the problems..

Revolutionary projects, like designing a new video game or tweaking that military laser are also some sort of getting employment. Some extra cash can also be added from temporary shows. By paying satisfactory salary there are skilled engineers come forward earning fix salary. Mostly they can earn $80,500 to 150,000 and above.

2 College professors:

Teaching is also another reasonable profession to earn. This is a field where you can also learn with the passage of time about a lot of things. So the learning process continuous. In This career you come across creativity, thinking about new ideas, encouragement given by the people. In every day there is a random blend of learning which you never expect before. There is strong demand for college staff as there are a lot of chances of improvement and there is also a tuff competition with private sectors. There is relaxation in this department as there is no dress code required as in private sectors so there is relaxation in schedules too. Gross salary is $81,500

University presidents' pay can hit $550,000 or more, but most make about half that. But Master's or professional degree; required for most holding jobs.

3 Financial advisers:

In some decades ago when no body has interest in this profession there was no importance of financial advisory. But in now days it has been on of the best career specially in USA.Now every body seeks to plan for M.B.A.s, lawyers and accountants as these fields are more profitable and beneficial. Through these professions a financial stability can be achieved. Advisers who manage client portfolios earn $200,000-plus.

Further more if a person has caliber to handle the statistics problems in a skillful manner then he does not need to go behind he limits. He should rely on his own abilities even for a little matter or a big problem. The other thing which matters in your work is to follow certain rules made by certain organization. College degree or certification and continuing education is required for this field.

4 Human-resources manager:

HR is becoming a well established and one of the best job selected by candidates in USA as there is variety of work on individual level to corporate level also. In HR department there are highly tuff tasks given to perform even there is alloy of planning required to manage the organization. It can be estimated by the example that even a lower level manger has to plan for employees. There is also a target to work in order to satisfy the workers that is most important to form business customs and policy. Average salary is about $73,500 but Senior HR directors make around $285,000; at the C-suite level, it’s more liked $1 million-plus. At least Bachelor's degree, more often master's level work or professional certification is required for HR hiring.

5 Physician assistant:

The most striking features of a physician assistant job is that it is a basic platform to provide health care, performing different lab tests, treating illness etc.The most profitable thing is. Doctor has to work like official hours with relaxation maximum 35-40 hours per week. They can also choose a part time job to support themselves. Average pay is $75,000 but Specialists in cardiothoracic surgery earn over $100,000.

Four years of college, two to three years of training in an accredited program, plus national exam for certification is required in this medical field.

6: Market research analyst:

The next most popular career for the candidates is market research analyst. This is most popular field as every company required knowing about customer’ desires and their need before introducing any product in order to satisfy the customer and to generate more and more revenue. Analyst do a lot of efforts for this purpose they may wander in market or they may organize a gathering to know about customer’s need and desires by making personal question. Average salary is round about $200,000 in this field.B.A. M.A. in statistics helps in order to meet the requirement.

7: Computer/IT analysts:

In this fast growing period when every body is dependent on computers and internet. All the jobs related to this technology is paid fairly even desktop support technician to Webmaster to database wonk. Entry-level analysts make $60,000 and above some also get bonuses. A bachelor degree is sufficient in starting level. Network operations directors, who are responsible for a company's intranet, earn $250,000-plus but for this purpose B.S to PhD is required for this type of job.

8: Real estate appraiser

In this field a lot of money is earned through this channel even when market slows down this job can’t be go to loss as assessment is needed whenever any property is sold, mortgaged, insured, taxed or developed, there's going to be work. There are a lot of opportunities to move forward in this field and all the credit goes to the fast going internet who has made every thing so easy an convenient. Average pay is $95,000 but a person work with lenders can earn $130,000-plus.

Bachelor's degree; licensing and certification requirements vary by state in this type of job.

9 Pharmacists:

With the development and improvement in medical field there is high demand for Pharmacist as Pharmacists are bowing up with the growth of population and new ages. Pharmacist basically treat the diseases which are un ending like diabetes and prescribe the patients accordingally.They usually work in selling departments, in hospitals and in nursing homes in order to sale for drug companies. They have become so popular and important that their demand is increasing with the development in medical department. Even they are offered many bonuses and salaries 90K-plus.

A degree of pharmacy program of six years is required for this job.

10 Psychologists:

This field is also one of the most important and best fields in USA. Physiological counseling and treatment is very necessary in this pathetic and miserable life when every body is in the effect of stress. They talk to patient and help in sorting out the solution of their problems that may be related to past life or present situation. Average pay is $86,500.Master in Psychology and PhD is required for this type of job.

Highest Paying Jobs Infographic
Highest Paying Jobs Infographic


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am Raghav and i am in Accenture India and want a new job in IT in USA , what firms apart from Accenture i should apy to ?

    • Bilaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward Happer MSc 

      9 years ago

      Judith... above list is about popular careers in USA. These careers will comparably have more job openings in coming years. Truth is no mater what career you chose just try to achieve excellence in that field and you'll never go jobless. Coroner is a very demanding field and i am sure there are lots of jobs in it. Still you need an excellent resume to get a dream job. So what ever you do, do it well.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I hope that my career choice isn't popular...I dont see it in your list. I working on becoming a coroner. Do you think there is a demand for them? I do hope so. I cant seem to find a reliable sorce, let alone any, that can help answer my question.

    • Bilaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward Happer MSc 

      9 years ago

      Thanks for commenting Tom and i would agree with you. Federal government services is also a great option..

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 

      9 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Terrific List. I'd add one more.. Maybe instead of the financial analyst. Federal government services. The average federal government worker is paid on par with the private sector and has a benefits package that far exceeds the equivalent private sector job. It is also a growing sector. Thanks for the list.


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