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Best and easiest way to make money online

Updated on April 15, 2012

Making money online the easy way

So you want to make money online? Here are 3 proven ways to make money

Actually creating something: Everyone wants to make money by doing nothing. INstead, consider making something people will actually use. I have taken pictures, created slideshows, videos, background images, etc and made them available online. People are looking for quality work. Do what you know! If you are gifted artistically, blog about it. If you take great photos, submit them to online stock photo web sites like or

You aren't artisitic? That's okay. There are tons of voice-over opportunities out there. Record your voice and send it in to voice over production companies. If they want to use your talent, they will contact you. You can make good money recording lines, narrations, and commercials. The best part is that it's from the comfort of your home.

Actually blogging (as in more than 3 posts/year) Blogs take time, energy and skill to take off. You will not feed your family by writing three posts per month. The big hitters post dozens of times per week. You need to actually work to be successful, no matter what anyone tells you. Don't begin a blog with no idea what you will write about. Choose a subject you are familiar with. Don't waste time blogging about things no one cares about. If you write about the mating habits of lemurs, count on never getting significant traffic. Most people are interested in technology, sports, history, etc. When all esle fails write, write, write.

Here are some ideas for blog topics

camera reviews

dog training how to's

easy craft ideas for kids

car buying advice

handyman how to's

diet friendly recipes

job search ideas

ask yourself: what are people googling? that's what you need to write about

Actually selling a service online Do you have a small business that sells shoes? Are you a realtor? Does your business compensate you for leads? Use the web to sell those shoes, get new clients, and produce leads. The internet is your opportunity to put up a huge billboard for little investment. You can sell your services, your abilities, your company online. Don't underestimate the internet's power in driving your business to new heights.


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