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Best business ideas for women entrepreneurs. Make money from home without investment

Updated on March 30, 2016

Best business ideas for women entrepreneurs. Make money from home without any investment

Today’s world offers lot of job opportunities for women. With internet and technology at their hands, women could generate good income right from their homes. There are many avenues to make money from home by spending just 2 to 3 hours a day, simultaneously taking care of your kids and getting adequate time for leisure activities. Often, women fall prey to job scams in the urge to generate additional income to meet the family’s needs. Well, the reality is that you could make some good money if you find the right path, and have patience and hard work. Legitimate entrepreneurial jobs require very little or no investment at all. All that is needed is knowledge and the acumen to convert your business ideas into reality.

I would like to list out some useful business ideas through which you could kick start your entrepreneurial activity.

Become a Freelance writer: If you are good at writing, you could generate a decent income by working as a freelance writer. Companies seek freelance writers for Content Writing for their businesses. You could work part time from home, spending around two or three hours a day. Experienced freelance writers make atleast $25 per hour. To know more about content writing, read below

Translator jobs: If you are proficient in more than one language, you could work as a translator or interpreter. Translators are in good demand in various domains like Engineering, healthcare, Information technology, Education etc. Companies offer good packages for professional translators. As per US Bureau of labour statistics, per hour pay scale for translators is $23.71.There are certification courses available in order to become a professional translator.

Many content writers supplement their income by working as Translators.

Work from Home call center: Companies offer individuals opportunity to work from home as call center agents on their behalf. Typically, one has to offer customer support or market products for the company. Sales calls can fetch you around $15 per hour. Incentives are provided for additional sales as well. Investment required is minimal. You need to have a Personal computer and internet connection. Call log software will be provided by the company. This is an ideal work-at-home job for women.

Language Teacher: If you are good at English and have the capability to teach students, you have found one lucrative profession. English teachers are in high demand in countries like India, where education and employment depends a lot on English proficiency. Individuals can teach online also.

Similarly, there is a demand for teachers in other languages like German, Japanese, French, Hindi etc

Medical Transcription: Medical Transcription is a professional job ideal for women. One does not need any specialized qualification. It can be done from home without much investment. Knowledge of medical terms and Listening/typing skills are required for medical transcription. One can receive training to become a professional. Many companies offer Transcription jobs to Freelancers. You can search for one on the internet. But make sure you find the right one

Freelance Medical transcriptionists in India earn up to INR 2000 ($30) per hour. Once you gain experience, you can earn more through value-added activities like Proof Reading and quality Assurance

Become an E-Waste collector: E-Waste collection is fast becoming a lucrative profession. Companies obtain valuable materials like Copper, Gold and rare earths through e-waste recycling. As improper disposal of e-waste leads to environmental pollution and degradation, governments have laid guidelines for e-waste disposal and recycling. Manufacturers also offer commissions to agents who collect back used electronic goods like mobile phones and video games gadgets from customers. You can work as a e-waste collection agent and make a decent income each month. To know more about e-waste management, read below

Grow organic foods: With GM foods and artificially processed foods flooding the market, most people are turning to Organic foods. Organic foods are in high demand and are priced above non-organic foods. What better way to make money than to grow organic foods at your home and selling them? You could use your garden or rooftop to grow crops the organic way. There are supermarket chains which collect organic produce from such households.


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