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Best freelance writing websites that allow you to refer people

Updated on December 22, 2009

Benefits of referral programs

Referral programs allow you to earn more money. A small percentage is calculated from the earnings of each and every referral that you make, which then gets placed into your account. You earn money by letting others work for their money. Don't look at it as stealing others hard earned money. The money earned through referral programs isn't taken from the actual person you referred. You get money from the company.

List of Referral Writing Sites

Here is a small list of writing sites that allow you to earn money by referring people.

Triond- Triond has become a powerful website for writers to earn money online. At first it started as a website that paid by page impressions. Now you can earn money by page impressions, Google Adsense, and referring people. Triond is just as good with seo as Hubpages, allowing you to get the most traffic to your articles, increasing your income. This also means that your referrals will be earning you more money from their quality content. Best of all its free to sign up. Its a win-win situation.

Bukisa- Another website just like Triond, except you aren't able to use Google Adsense to earn money. You can however earn money by referring people. Bukisa is not a good site for seo, but the page impressions earn you a lot more money than that of Triond. You aren't just limited to articles. You may submit articles, videos, audio clips, etc. Its free to sign up.

Constant-Content- A freelance writing site that offers jobs to be completed for a flat rate. Its free to sign up and can earn you anywhere from $1-$150 per submitted content. This website has strict guidelines though, so be careful when writing for this site because if you do not follow the guidelines, your account will be suspended.


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