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Bethesda Butler Hospital Experience

Updated on July 23, 2015

Day of Surgery

Upon arrival to the outpatient surgery center. I noticed there was plenty of parking and a lane for dropping off patients at the front of building. We was greeted by an employee who was helpful and directed us to the correct location we needed to be. Other employees throughout the halls and waiting areas were eager to help and give a warm welcoming smile. The layout of the waiting room and PACU area was very easy to find. Large posted signs on the walls and ceilings made it easy not to get lost. In the waiting area there was a large screen posted on the wall so you could keep track of your procedure. People who were having surgery was given a number and could easily look on the large screen in the waiting room. Families that had the patients number could look up at the screen and see where in the process their loved one was. Families waiting on there loved ones, were provided with snacks, coffee and drinks while they wait. The waiting room was very clean and the furniture was comfy enough to fall asleep in. The whole team at Bethesda Butler Hospital was very informative of discharge instructions. You were given a folder with the information about your surgery and discharge instructions. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.


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