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Billionaire Girls Club

Updated on March 18, 2013

The Core

I've researched and have shared info I've found on the Original Billionaire Girls Circle. These dynamic inventive women give us a module to pattern our network they reinforce the belief women can work together. Draw motivation and inspiration from this group as well as create wealth opportunities. We as women are the earth's most valuable resource.

These are ideas that work and are the core basics for creating a network that works...

Let's face it, we have to more creative, competitive and savvy. We can do this and stay true to our core values, be there for our families and raise awareness for worthy causes. Its a new world let's emerge!! Break free and live the life of your dreams!!

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Billionaire Mindset

The idea is not so much about money as much as it's about thinking BIG enough that you could come up with an idea -- and execute on it well enough -- that it could become a billionaire-dollar reality. It’s more about personal growth and adding value to the world than JUST dollars and cents. – Traci Fenton, WorldBlu

I really think we are different than other women/entrepreneur clubs in that all of us have companies that on some level have the premise that our purpose is to support people in empowering themselves (whether that's entrepreneurs, girls, farmers, companies or the average Joe)... that is our true differentiator. That we're all committed to doing work that's our life's purpose by having socially conscious organizations, and trust the money will flow from that. - Nicole Casanova, Shift the Game

I really don¹t want people to have the impression that we are in this for billions and all about money. We want to think big and make a difference in the world while being great capitalists too. -Sarah Endline, sweetriot

If they see us as our own "master mind group" for one another building strong, socially responsible companies but with a clear focus of creating financial abundance so that we can leverage our success/wealth to do bigger/ better things in the world- then we can't lose (and its the truth!)... -Ingrid Vanderveldt, Club E Network

All of us are CEOs and founders of a company that are changing the world. Forming the Billionaire Girls Club is about helping us to help each other think bigger, dream bigger, and be bigger! It's about creating a mindset and business that will have a billions of positive impacts in the world. -Carrie Silver-Stock, Girls with Dream

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The Green Life

Power Up

When our founders Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull, two of the most seasoned and successful energy executives in the United States, started North American Power they did so with one thing in mind:

Great things happen when you give individuals the power
to change the world around them.

It's a simple idea but it's powerful too. Powerful enough to take us from a few passionate people in a 700 sq. ft. sublet, to a leader in providing individuals with the ability to embrace their financial futures. All by allowing them to tap into a resource that everybody uses every single day. Energy.

Simply by offering competitive rates to electric and gas customers, we've managed to offer much needed relief to hundreds of thousands of families, saving millions of dollars in a time of economic uncertainty. But, that's only the beginning.

Our innovative customer referral program has turned thousands of people into entrepreneurs by giving them the products and tools to make a real financial impact in their lives and the lives of their families and communities.

And, every one of our products helps protect the environment by funding renewable energy and carbon offsets as well as giving to charitable organizations across the globe

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