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Blackhat SEO & Spammers

Updated on May 12, 2011

Black Hat Marketing

A lot of people begin writing on Hubpages or other revenue sharing platforms and are very new to SEO and I wanted to explain the term 'Blackhat SEO' because I am sure a lot of people will be unaware of this form of gaining top search engine rankings and traffic.

To begin with I would like to mention that I have written numerous other hubs that talk about ethical SEO and the right way to backlink your content in line with Google rules, examples of these hubs are shown here and here.

To put it briefly, black hat marketing is a form of aggressive backlinking with no regards for quality content and is only concerned with getting high search engine rankings in hopes of profiting from e-commerce. This manipulation of the search engine algorithms is frowned upon by Google and can even damage your websites credibility if Google bots recognize that you are using it.

SEO Blackhat

SEO blackhat techniques are not confined to spam blog comments but also includes:

'Keyword stuffing' - You may have seen spammers who create article pages that include nonsensical paragraphs that include only keywords that generate large amounts of traffic for a subject.

'Doorway Pages' - These are webpages that involve keyword stuffing and simply redirect a person to the well designed website, this way the designer doesn't have to sacrifice the fluency of text or style on the business page.

Photo courtesy of AKX_

Blackhat SEO

One thing I can't understand about the search engines approach to Black Hat techniques is that your site can get banned for spam blog comments and how do they know where your backlinks are coming from? My guess is that they measure the amount of backlinks made in a short period of time and the type of site they come from.

Photo courtesy of dok1

Black Hat SEO

Many people take an moralistic stand when Black SEO is mentioned but I take neither for or against, OK it is annoying when I come to a webpage that is full of rubbish and I can't find what I am looking for but I am generally familiar with what these sites look like and just click back.

I know many people who are interested in White Hat SEO techniques and have learned all of the procedures but are not seeing a return, so they turned darkside. One self proclaimed Blackhat SEO optimizer I read about in a 'Blackhat forum' was interviewed by a Whitehat SEO optimizer and made some interesting points.

Photo courtesy of theogeo

Black Hat - Don't do it!

At present Search engine spammers are not subject to the penalties that Email spammers are , since it is a public page and so is not a violation of someones personal space. The Blackhat SEO worker who I read about in the interview claims that he doesn't have the resources to rent office premises and pay a Whitehat SEO team and therefore continues to put up websites daily and earn from short term revenue until the sites are banned.

He uses the example that a family in Mozambique must eat the seeds they need to grow food rather than plant them and wait for them to grow, in the same way he takes the short term revenue from spam sites rather than wait around wondering where his next paycheck is coming from to feed his family.

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