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Blog 6: Product Experience

Updated on December 1, 2017

Fries with that...

After contacting the seller of a Ford Explorer on Craigslist, I agreed to meet him halfway between his home and mine, and the McDonald’s on 15-501, just over the Chatham County line. I had rarely been near this Mcdonalds, and had never had the occasion to go inside of it. The seller was late to arrive, and I became hungry while waiting, so I decided to go into the restaurant to get a quick bite to eat. The first thing I noticed was the atmosphere; the elements used in the establishment were well appointed and stylish, with modern tables, chairs, and sleekly streamlined features. I distinctly remember thinking as I walked into the place, “wait, am I really in a McDonalds?” The high ceilings and classical music playing in the background was more reminiscent of an upscale cafe than a burger joint. My expectations, formed by years of eating at Mcdonald’s in times of desperation, were nil; I was truly wowed by the ambience created by the architects and the management. The staff was noticeably friendlier than any usual Mcdonalds I had been to, which I suspect may have had something to do with the pleasant and rather posh surroundings which seemed to contrast with the menu’s dirt cheap prices. In addition, the hamburger I had w excellent for what it was...sure, it was a McDouble, a $1.39 cheeseburger, but the actual product was hot, flavorful, and well packaged. They even included several napkins in my bag; I’m used to receiving either none, or at least not enough.

Overall, the experience was probably the most satisfied I have ever felt inside of any Mcdonald’s. While, I’m sure there is more to it than mère design, the building’s non-decrepit, well kept up interior and exterior added a flair to the experience I would not have expected from a fast food restaurant. If more McDonald’s restaurants were renovated to appear more modern and elegant, it is possible they could lose the stigma associated with their brand.


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