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Blog by marketing smart comment

Updated on May 2, 2016

We all know the benefits of comment. This will help you build links to your blog, as well as bring traffic to you. But, the majority of bloggers do not know that the comments also help "marketing" your blog (blog market).

Many of them poured the travel contract to get traffic and commented the blog market is the same, but in fact just the first comment little corner of Marketing blog (as well as in economic activities, marketing is not marketing, marketing is just one small stitch in the marketing activities of the enterprise).

Specifically in our case, Market blog is full of activities to build relationships between blog owners and visitors.

4 attention to blogs through Market Comment

1. Fill in your name / your blog name in the box name / username

Here you have 3 choices, 1 is enter your name, blog name 2 is complete, your name @ 3 is the blog name. Ming recommend using 3rd, professional looking and most foreign bloggers are taking. (Eg Ming @ Ming Cat's Blog)

2. Use your email or check the most

Maybe you have multiple mail accounts for different purposes, but the comment you prioritize what you use mail or check the most. You should not worry about spam because only new blog owners know your mail.

3. Road Link

Links will bring traffic to you, so please choose the most relevant links, from which visitors "understand" what to say and want to blog your blog daily. That is our main purpose, so you should design one page to welcome it's own this hotel. No intelligent idea to create user welcome page should still be link: D. You may link to the sitemap, or links to such feed or used as comrades Fanbongda blog comment in Ming Cats.

4. Smart Comment

This is the most important factor for people to notice you, remember you, and click on your link. So, do not comment vague, aimless. Please comment about 3-5 lines and go right to the issue in which the article refers. Quality Comment Market blog will help you extremely effective.

And our main goal is the blog market, not merely of traffic, you need to pay extra attention on the content comment:

Read carefully the article, comment on the right issues
Do not understand, ask the topic more
Understand, agree with the article more >>> Share what you know, in addition to all
Understand, disagreed >>> Feedback to the point 1 subtly, do not show you are better than all blogs

Posts to this end. If the purpose of your comment is just to build backlinks and traffic earned, you do not need to follow this article. But if you really want to Market blog, this post will hopefully be much help to you.


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