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Blog Writers - Secrets to Increasing Your Subscribers and Money Making Potential By Building a Blog Community

Updated on April 8, 2012

I notice a lot of bloggers continue to write blogs and make blog posts on their expertise, but very few people are actually commenting on blogs.

Comments are the end all be all measurement tools of the success for any blog. For one thing, they show that people are actually reading your blogs. It is true that you can use tools like Google Analytics to measure the success of your blog traffic, but comments are way blog authors know that people are actually reading those blog posts and not just visiting them.

Joining blog networks like is one sure fire way to get subscribers and building a community.

Now, communities on the internet bloggers can truely get comments and subscribers.

Do the math: Blogger make your community and the community makes you money.

Think about that for a moment, because the math (the equation) really works. First you need to build a community and communities start with your blog friends. "What? I have to get my friends to join my blog" is a question I get from my internet marketing clients. No. When I say friends, I mean your friends from people who share a common interest as you.

Here are 3 secrets to getting getting more subscribers, comments, and making more money with your blogs:

  1. Find blogs on the internet that have a similar topic as yours. Become a regular commenter or subscriber.
  2. On Wordpress and Blogger blogs, you can leave a web address. Leave the address to your blog.
  3. On other blogs, leave only positive comments. If you disagree with the author, do not make waves. Just find the most positive thing about the blog article that you are reading and comment on it. You will make friends REAL FAST!
  4. Comment on every blog post for the blog author you want to penetrate your community. That person WILL come to your blog. Remember to always leave your blog web address.

Building Your Blog Community

Building your community is easy. Do not just write blog articles. Actually get your subscribers to interact. Add polls and quizzes. Videos of you presenting your material work really well and if you put those videos on YouTube, you really stand the chance of getting great traffic from your videos.

Also, if you have Wordpress, get the All in One SEO Pack (Wordpress' most powerful SEO plugin) program and add meta tags to your blog articles.

Join Blog Networks like that have their own traffic.

  1. When you join blog networks, you can interact with other bloggers.
  2. You can log in with Facebook and share other blog articles,
  3. Check often to get tips on becoming a successful blogger.


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