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Blogging Ideas For When You Have Writer's Block

Updated on April 28, 2016

Blogging is hard. It's even harder when you're suffering from writer's block. With the below resources and ideas, perhaps you can get a little inspiration to start your next post and keep the content ball rolling.

Blogging Ideas #1 - 5

1. Round Up Posts - This idea is best used to rotate old content. If you started blogging a few months or a few years ago, you can use a round up post in the event of writer's block to talk about some of your old posts that received a lot of traffic when they were first published. This can be done for posts on specific topics, posts regarding certain seasons or holidays, old posts that you feel need more love, etc. Round up posts are a great way to keep your blogging active and keep your work moving even when you're in a rut.

2. Do-It-Yourself - Sometimes it's expensive to outsource for things done around your house and that's why people scour the internet every day to find easier, at-home methods of doing it themselves. If you're really good at something, why not capitalize on it? You may not be able to travel all across the world to help people fix their faucets or make their own tag blankets, but you can definitely give people pointers and help them help themselves!

3. Life Hack - There's a reason the Life Hack website is so huge: because we all want tips and tricks to make things easier and life is no different. This could be anything from how to better organize your home to waterproofing your shoes. Anything and everything that you do that makes your life easier has the potential to do the same for someone else. Share your knowledge!

4. Themed Quotes - When Steve Jobs passed away I wrote a blog about him that included the basics about his life and various quotes. He was an inspiring man and while a lot of people wrote blogs about how he changed the tech world, not a lot of people shared his words of wisdom. My blog skyrocketed for a few days before dying down after the initial shock of Steve Jobs' death, and while the content remains evergreen, it's proof that quotes regarding a specific theme or topic are researched and requested by the masses every day. I went through an entire phase in high school where all I did was blog on Xanga about love and break up quotes. The blog was popular because I appealed to the same audience I was: people desperately in search of familiar words to heal their hurts.

5. Product Reviews - This may not be applicable to everyone, but if you run a niche-blog, you can likely find something to do a product review on. When I ran my own parenting blog I found that you could write a product review on literally any baby product out there. I did a lot of Step 2 product reviewing as well because my son was absolutely obsessed their products. Take some pictures, give your honest opinion, and link people to the product. Numerous people have received discounted and free products in return for their reviews after running successful, valuable review blogs over the years.

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Blog Post Ideas Generator

* This is a free online tool. *

While this doesn't exactly give you ideas based on your particular blogging genre or niche, it does provide an array of prompts to choose from. As someone who is currently going through a divorce, the idea of blogging about a healthy marriage doesn't necessarily seem like something I'm capable of doing. It did prompt me, however, to write about how to successfully extract one's self from a messy relationship or how to properly explain divorce to your children - both things that I have had to do recently.

Blogging Ideas #6 - 10

6. How You Started Your Blog - Freelance writing and blogging has become a viable source of income over the past decade. People are starting blogs on the side when their day job is over just to make some extra cash. What better way to help out a newbie to the blogging community than to tell them your story of what got you into blogging, how you started, and where you are today.

7. Blogger Love - Most bloggers have their own list of people they follow. Whether it's about the same topic they write about or not, it's time to share your list with your followers! Show some love and make a top ten list of your favorite bloggers. You can even do this by category (sewing bloggers, parenting bloggers, saving money bloggers, etc.) and span it out over a few weeks.

8. Share Articles About Your Niche - Even though we all want to be the leading expert on the things we blog about, we know there are others out there who have stellar information about those topics as well. Put together your own blog that links to these articles with how it's helped you, what they can get out of reading the blog, and ask them to comment back with their own informative articles.

9. Job Searches In Your Area - This will more than gather the people in your area to your blog. You can link people to various ways they can find jobs in the Austin, Texas region or the Sacramento, California metro. I live in a college town, so if I were making a list of how to find jobs here I would link to the college's job page, as they're always rotating what's available. You can also link to your specific Craigslist 'job opening' page, your city availability page, and more. Our mall has their very own website with job opportunities, so that would definitely be on mine.

10. Review A Book, Movie, Event, Etc. - Like any product you review, people look up movies and books before they purchase them or go see them to make sure that they're worth it. If you have a fan-base with people who've been following you for a while, these are all people who are going to take your opinion into mind before they decide to go out and see a new movie. Annual events in your city will only drive traffic to your blog a specific time of the year, but the bigger the city you live in, the more people will research the event to decide if it's something they want to attend. This is especially helpful for new people in cities or tourists who might be in town around the same time as the event who want to decide if it's worth going to.

Content Ideator

* This is a partially free online tool, can be used to its fullest with purchase. *

I like using Content Ideator because you can enter any number of topics and it will list various blog posts that others have published. While you can't go read their articles without unlocking their full site, you can look through the list of titles and see what inspires you to create content. Is it social media marketing? I only showed the first few examples, but they have 20-pages of content found from around the internet. Surely there's inspiration for at least one blog post!

Blogging Prompts
Prompts About You
How To Get Through A Break Up
Your Work Out Routine
DIY Halloween Costumes
Apps and Websites You Love
Holiday Themed Drinks
Your Bucket List
Behind The Scenes Of Blogging
Facts About Yourself
Current News And Events
Letter To Your Younger/Older Self

Blog About....

* This is a partially free online tool and can be used further with purchase. *

Now this blog topic generator leaves a lot to be desired in terms of direct inspiration for me, but I still use it on occasion. It gives very broad terms to blog about. Some of my most recent refreshes included:

  • productivity
  • customer service
  • saving time
  • management

And really it recycles the ideas repeatedly. However, it gives you something broad enough that it might fit into your blogging niche. Saving money is something everyone likes to do. If your blog is related to sewing, how can you still enjoy your hobby while spending the least amount of money to do it?

More Blogging Prompts & Ideas

  1. Your Meyers Briggs Results
  2. Your Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Goals
  3. Favorite Instagram/Twitter Accounts
  4. Host A 30-Day Challenge
  5. Gift Guides For People In Your Life (Siblings, Grandparents, Teachers, etc.)
  6. Themed Stocking Stuffer Ideas
  7. Interview Someone For Your Blog
  8. Share Free Resources
  9. Things To Do Around Your City
  10. How-To Tutorials

Sidebar with titles that you can copy and paste into a word document for later use.
Sidebar with titles that you can copy and paste into a word document for later use.

Tweak Your Biz

* This is a free online tool. *

This is my favorite blogging content generator because of the sheer amount of ideas that they produce for you. You insert the topic that you want to blog about and they give you lists, questions, how-to's, business, motivation, and more. And if you just want to keep all of those titles for a rainy day, so you don't have to constantly go back to the website and keep searching the same keyword over and over again, they include a sidebar with every title they have formulated for you that you can copy and paste for later use!

They even have a thesaurus tool that you can use to expand your vocabulary and keep yourself from being repetitive. There is absolutely nothing about Tweak Your Biz that I don't like.


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 19 months ago from Georgia

      This was nicely packed with ideas. When I wrote my piece on writer's prompts I extolled writers to observe everything around them. There's an article, story, etc. in just about every corner of our lives. Of course it's not any different with blogging. Writing is writing and writer's blocks are writer's blocks. However, you have provided wonderful suggestions for material to write about and help with the occasional block.

      Since I don't blog much for myself, but for others, I'm lucky because most of the time they provide the theme for the blog and I just provide the words for the blog. That way I get to do what I love to do without coming up with the topic.

      Thank you for providing so much good information and so many suggestions. Take care.