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Blogging Tips: Guest posting and its benefits

Updated on August 26, 2015

One of the best blogging tip to build relationships with like-minded other bloggers and with the relevant readers is to write blog posts on other famous bloggers whose blogs are relevant to the topics that you write on your own blog. Besides building relationships there are many other benefits of writing guest posts.

Benefits of guest post
Benefits of guest post | Source

Share your knowledge on a bigger platform and get Exposure

When you write guest post for other already famous blogs who already has their reader base, you get a chance to share your knowledge with much larger number of audiences which you will not get if you write a post on your own blog because you are new there and don’t have many readers at that point.

Writing guest post will help you reach-out to more number of people. Your voice will be heard by more number of people. And if your post is effective and has good content then you will get feedback in the form of comments and email. This will make you popular and give you more exposure as an expert on those topics.

Build Your Portfolio and Credibility

We readers of other blogs read you guest posts on these blogs. They come to know how well you write. If you are good in your writing and have good knowledge to share with these readers then they will follow you and wait for your every post. This will increase your credibility as a writer.

Building high quality back-links

One of the best and most talked about benefit of writing guest post is that you will get backlinks to your blog posts on your blog from the guest posts that you write on other popular blogs. When you write guest posts on other blogs you can share the links of your own blogs which will allow reader of other blogs to come to your blog.

As you will get many backlinks from guest posts you wrote in already popular blogs which are already higher in google and Alexa ranking and have authority in the market, your blog’s Alexa and Google ranking will also increase because of this.

Earn money by writing Guest posts

Guest posting can later turned out to be a way of income as there are many blogs out there who pay to their authors to write guest post on their blog. Of-course you need to have some credibility and popularity as a blogger on relevant topics.

To earn money via guest posts, you should first start writing guest posts for free to build your loyal audience and become popular then you will get offers to write guest posts and get paid for that.

Improve Your Writing

When you write guest posts for others you connect directly with the readers of that blog. These readers will give their honest opinion about your post because they are loyal to that blog and expect only great content there for them.

So you will get feedbacks which are authentic and honest. You then know about your mistakes and can then take right actions to correct them which will eventually help you improve your writing skills. You will also understand the importance of always proofreading your content before publishing it.

Network and Build Relationships

When you Guest Post, you come in direct contact with like-minded people. Those who have anything to say about your posts will email you, comment on your blog, share your content on social media, tweets about you or subscribe with you. This will help starting conversation on your posts which will give you opportunities to create relationships with newer audiences and also with the famous bloggers for which you are writing gest posts.

Build Your Subscriber Base

Yes, it’s true. Writing guest posts on other popular blogs can increase your subscriber base exponentially. You may get 200 or 300 new subscriber in a day because of your new guest post in a popular blog.

They will come to your blog via your blog link that you share in your guest post. Of-course the number of subscriber you get will depends on how good your content is, also how many visitors are actually reading your content and following the link of your blog in it. But still guest post can defiantly help you significantly increase your subscriber base.

Build you social media profile

Besides giving your blog links, some blogs may allow you to give your social media profile links at the end of your guest posts. This will allow you invite visitors of your guest posts to your social media profile pages, and like or follow you there.

The more visitors are there in that blog the more reader you will get for your posts and some section of them will click on the social media links on your posts and will follow or like you there.

Discover New Business Opportunities

Guest posts may get you some new business opportunities. For example if you write a post on a famous blog and it got really famous among its readers then you may get offers from that blog owner to write expert posts on their blog and get paid for them.

Another example of getting business opportunity can be like if you have created some product (let say eBook) for sale on your blog and you also have some good relationships with other famous bloggers who have the targeted traffic on their blog that can become potential consumers of your product then you can ask them that you want to write a guest post on their blog to market your product. If necessary you can also offer them a small share in the profit.

So, you now know all the benefits of writing guest posts. Start writing guest posts to get these benefits. Here are some more posts I recommend you to read to know more about guest posts.

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    • rickyshah profile image

      Ricky 2 years ago

      Guest posting is one of the best marketing strategy with the above benefits. We must give opportunity to bloggers and take opportunity as and when arises.

    • profile image

      Palak Patel 2 years ago

      Nice Post !!

      Above Blogging Tips are really helpful to generate good no's of referral links.

      We must be consider all the above things also i have developed blog for content marketing anyone can share or publish blog instantly.