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Blogging on No Work

Updated on November 8, 2011

Finding new hope when you're hopeless


Unemployment, on a personal level

So here I am, unemployed. Sometimes it feels like there ought to be a disease or something--Jobless Syndrome. Especially when people begin treating you like a leper -- watch out, he's unemployed! It might be contagious.

It's all too easy for government officials, business people, and even family and friends, to think of unemployment a little too objectively and rationally. They don't realize that it hits hard, especially on the personal level. A jobless worker like myself isn't just a number--we're all living, breathing, vulnerable human beings. And when you have a family--wife and children--being out of work hurts even more.

What I hope to do with this blog is offer a safe, helpful, understanding place to come for sharing thoughts, ideas, resources, and opinions. Serious, humorous, subtle, direct, whatever. This could even serve as a way to vent hard feelings...the stuff we often keep bottled up inside, not wanting to upset or worry those around us.

But, one thing I've learned in this experience is that you can't play John Wayne or Schwarzenegger forever. You gotta let it out, or you'll go crazy. Really. And you know what? The odd thing is, when you finally open up and admit to feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, or discouragement, and share these with people close to you, it's often only then that they change their tune, too, and begin offering help.

When you're being stoic, everybody assumes you're okay and don't need any support. "Oh, he doesn't need any help. He seems fine -- never complains." (While, in reality, you're choking back anger, sadness, rage, etc.)

I can't claim that the above advice is foolproof, though. It depends on the people you choose to talk to. Some will immediately pick up on the need, and offer whatever they can. With others, it may go right over their heads--totally oblivious and ignorant of the wounded human being standing right in front of them. It is a risk. But you have to take it, man. Because the alternative could be alienating everybody more and more, until you really do wind up alone and friendless.

So, stay tuned. If you have comments to share about your own experiences and situations, feel free to leave a note. We can all help each other this way.

--Jobless Dad


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